Hi all,I have a supapubic catheter,had it fitted about a yr ago,it has been a great help,but just lately I have started to wet myself again,has anyone else had this problem? am thinking of having it removed,but not sure if it will be the right decision!



Hya Sue.

Had my spc going on for 2 years…or is it 3…whatever…

wetting yourself is known as by-passing…soz if you already knew that kid…

This can be caused by a few things;

  1. uti

2.blocked catheter

3.bladder spasms.

Do you take any bladder calming drugs? I tried oxybutynin…too dry a throat.

I take betmiga…no side effects and I very occasionally by-pass. I have a back up tablet called tolterodine, for when I`m feeling bloated or may wet myself.

Thing is Sue, if you have your spc out, what will you do then?

Just thought, maybe botox into your bladder is an idea, eh?

Speak to your urologist, yeh?


Hi Poll,many thanks for replying,I think it is bladder spasms,they are so painful,when I use the loo it brings tears to my eyes,I’m not sure if this is the “norm” or not.i have Drs next week maybe they can help.

Me again. When having a bowel movement, or even wind on the loo, I practically always get bladder spasms and yes they can hurt.This is due to stools pressing against the bladder as they move down the gut.

I also often wee into the toilet. That isnt a problem, cos its in the right place!

Sounds like you`d benefit from betmiga tablets.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, bowels no problem with them,have written the name of tablets down,so will ask for them,hopefully I’ll get them,have also written all my symptoms down so I don’t forget ,also think I have a prolapse oh the joys of being a woman☹️.Suex



Sue - When the catheter is on permanent drain the tip with the eyelets can get sucked into the bladder wall. This causes blocking and you bypass. lt is important to regularly twist the catheter round and gently pull it up a little - to make sure it is free from obstruction. Occasionally, you might need a ‘bladder wash-out’ - if you have not done this before - ask your nurse to show you. lt is easy - and just washes out any debris in the bladder that can block the tiny drainage holes. You can see if the catheter tube contains sediment - sometimes just by squeezing the tube -twisting it will cause a vacuum and unblock the catheter tip.

Lots of things to try - do not give up. l have had mine for over 20yrs. Have it changed every 5 weeks - and fortunately have the Duette catheters - not the Foley ones. Look them up on youtube.

Hi again. Just had my catheter changed… It’s done every 5 weeks. It didn’t hurt. I just get a tiny quivery feeling!!

Frances, where do you get the duette catheters from now?

I asked today’s nurse and she says they don’t use them here.


The manufacturers let me have enough for 3yrs. My friend was in Florida - so picked them up for me. Still have no export license - but they do have FDA approval. My nurse-who works for an agency - is hoping they will soon be available as she can see how much better designed they are.