Catheter problems

Last year I had a supra pubic catheter fitted as I kept having problems with a urethral catheter, it kept bypassing and expelling and I was told this wouldn’t happen with the SP catheter But it is! Has anyone got any advice on medication etc? I have tried solifenacin. I am on gabapentin and baclofen.

Any advice would be great as it’s really getting to me. Thank you so much

Best wishes julia

Hi Julie, has anyone ruled out problems with the SP catheter itself?

Sometimes the retention ballon doesn’t stay inflated enough.
If you are experiencing bladder spasms then getting them under control maybe the answer.

If the catheter kinks, this can also cause bypassing.

I know getting appointments is a bit of a challenge but can you get a review to check how the SP position?

I hope you get some answers soon.

Hi Rogue
Thanks for your reply it’s much appreciated, trouble is every appointment I’ve had they want to try different medication every time and me being me just agrees and tries it and it fails. I did think it might be something to do with the size of the catheter, my neurologist thinks that I should have Botox in my bladder but I’ve had Botox in my knees and ankles and It’s made no difference.
I’m hoping for a miracle medication that could help. I had the catheter changed last week. Nobody knows what to do, i’ve spoken with the neurologist and the urologist and if they can’t help me who can?

Hi Julia, many moons ago I worked as an auxiliary nurse and SP catheters were the norm amongst some of the ladies I helped to care for.

I am no expert but the mechanics of an SP catheter i.e the fitting, size, balloon deflation, pressure from being constipated or opening the bowels and kinks were all considerations when dealing with seepage.

It might be worth you recording what is happening, when does it leak is it during the night or after movement bowel or other? Perhaps if you can draw some conclusions yourself, then a change of medication may not be the only consideration.

I hope you get some answers soon.

H, I’ve had an SPC 10 years. Most of the time it’s great, but it can be troublesome. Ask about botox…I’m having my 2nd lot next fri.

It settles it down.


Thanks for your reply, I had mine done in November last year and it’s not works at all, how long did yours take to settle? I’m just not convinced about the Botox because as I said I’ve had it in my legs/knees, ankles and groin. I did not notice any difference at all.o

Hi Rogue
Thanks for your reply, you’ve given me more information than the “experts“. I can tell you when exactly when it bypasses and that is 24/7. I’m going to call the District Nurse this week and suggest a bigger size, apparently they don’t do washing out anymore due to risk of infection. I have a telephone appointment with the urologic next month and I know he will suggest more medication. The trouble is having MS it’s easily blamed for everything that can go wrong and it’s an easy answer.
Thanks again for your help and you experience helps. Shame I can’t put you on my shoulder
Take care x

H again. I have also had botox in my legs and arms and it did nothing…but much better in the bladder.