Bypassing with supra pubic

i have had a supra pubic catheter since 2013 with no real problems but more recently I have been have episodes of bypassing into the urethra although the catheter is still draining into my leg bag which of course causes me to wet myself. I wondered if anyone on here has had similar experiences and found the reason for this happening?i did wonder if my bladder is going into spasm which might cause this?

Hi marya, It happened once to me and catheter needed changing; even though only weeks old.


It’s quite common for bladder spasms to lead to bypassing. If you talk to your bowel and bladder nurse / MS nurse, ask them for advice and maybe get one of them to recommend a drug to calm your bladder down?


Hello Marya I have had a SPC for nearly 2 yrs & I must say it’s been fairly trouble free . Although I have been known to bypass via the urethra very occasionally, when straining to pass a motion naturally! I’m not too concerned as I use the Peristeen method for my ablutions! I just use a Flipflo & receptacle to empty, no leg bag. Vesticare or Botox help with bladder spasms. Ask your ms nurse or urologist for advise?

I too have bypassed my suprapubic catheter, and it was only inserted on Tuesday! Has this happened to anyone else so soon after the op?