Supra pubic bypassing

i posted previously about my supra pubic catheter misbehaving and bypassing. Well, I didn’t go to my gp, tried to live with it hoping that things would improve but they haven’t. I’ve finally made an appointment for next week so I hope she can help me. Ive been keeping a diary and in the last three weeks I’ve only had two days when I haven’t wet myself. Last night I wet the bed for the first time since it was fitted in 2014 which really depressed me. Sadly my husband doesn’t seem to realise how this affects my quality of life and just jokes about it. I’m exhausted from doing all the extra laundry it makes and the stress and worry of it all.

Hi Marya

Incontinence stuff really isn’t fun! I’ve had plenty of accidents over the years. While you wait to see the doc, it’s worth getting some incontinence pads. I’ve used Tena Plus Pants in the past, which should be able to safely absorb any leakage. Tesco stock them, and your pharmacist probably does too. It’ll save you from doing all the laundry


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Bypassing is so miserable.

I’ve had my SP catheter for about 6years now. I’ve suffered bypassing & know how it can affect you day to day.

A couple of years ago one of my nurses told me to drink a freshly squeezed lemon every morning…I mixed it with lemon squash, to make it easier to drink!

I also take Solifenacinto calm my bladder, 5mgs twice a day.

Since drinking lemon & taking the tablets I’ve had no bypassing at all & have my catheter changed every 12 weeks.

Hope you can get this miserable problem resolved.


Although I don’t have a suprapubic catheter I do have problems with incontinence. I have a very good mattress protector. Its completely waterproof and machine washable. As it has a cotton "terry towel " surface you would never know it has a plastic base. Anthony

My better half has a SPC and when it bypasses it’s usually a sign it needs changing. Hers rarely lasts 4 weeks between changes, and recently 1-2 weeks is about average. Bubbling in the tube is often the first sign the SPC is about to block and she’ll get bypassing. When the nurse changes the the SPC the end is encrusted with crystals so we can see why the blockage occured!

She’s just been moved to open ended catheters as the normal ones are just not up to the job for her.

Do you have a good relationship with your district nurse team? If not, I’d advise to build this up. Our GP has nothing to do with the SPC, it’s all under the supervision on the district nurses (who I must say are brilliant). We have them on speed dial - as soon as we have problems they are with us within an hour, whatever time of day or night (even Christmas day 2 years ago - that was the start of the troubles and the worst Christmas ever!)

Drinking the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon will ‘cleanse’ the bladder…I add squash & water, makes it easier to drink My SP always got encrusted quickly, now it’s always clean when my 12wk change comes around. Rosina

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My wife has tried all tips and tricks but nothing seems to work for her. Lemon juice, cider/apple juice, even has FaccoFill now in the balloon which is supposed to do the trick, but to no avail. Despite trying all this we’ve gone from 7 weeks (the most it ever lasted) down to weekly now (although 2 changes ago it did last 4 weeks). We see anything over a week as a bonus

Thanks everyone for you advice and support. I’m expecting the gp to put me in touch with the urology dept to check me out.