Suprapubic problems already!

Hi all,

I only had my suprapubic catheter inserted on Tuesday, and I have already bypassed it. Has this happened to anyone else so soon after the procedure? It hasn’t even been a week yet so I’m a little concerned. Any tips or advice would be very welcome. Thank you.


I don’t know Jackie. I just thought I’d bump you up to the top of the page.


Hi Jackie

could be that your bladder is having spasms, trying to reject the catheter…this could cause urine to escape through your urethra.

It happened to me many times. Now I take 25gm of Vesicare morning & 25gm at night…this keeps my bladder ‘calm’

I also drink a freshly squeezed lemon mixed with water & a drop of lemon juice (to take the sharpness away) each morning…this helps to keep my bladder ‘clean’

I’ve been doing this for over two years now & haven’t had any bypass at all.

Hope this helps you, bypass is absolutely miserable!


Also, if you have a ‘clean’ bladder, there’s less debris to block the catheter valve inside your bladder…I have mine changed every twelve weeks & the valve is always clear.

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Hi Jackie,

Take a look in search engine. Tap in SPC, or Bypassing see if any advise? Hope that helps!