Bypassing the catheter

I haver had a cathetar for a year now after my bladder went into retention in hospital. Its doing alot of bypassing a

Hi, sorry you’re going through this, I used to care for my mum who had a catheter and it would by pass, the nurses would come out and check it and say its just the position she was sitting in, they’d put a wash through to make sure there wasn’t a blockage. We definitely found it was worse when she was lay down, it’d leak at night then be fine the next day. Quite often it’d bypass when she was starting to get an uti. It can be so annoying I know, the hassle of everything getting soiled, I do feel for you.


Hi, I had a suprapubic catheter fitted, all was ok for the first couple of month’s then the bypassing started, 9 times in 3 days :roll_eyes: so in the end I had it taken out, I have botox injected every 4 mths and do self catheter, have done for a few years.

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