Suprapubic catheters


First thing I should say is that I’m a bloke. I have been doing intermittent self catheterisation for about 15 years and have had very few infections. Just recently I had to go into A&E with what I thought was a UTI but in fact it is a problem with a sphincter in my urethra and now I am unable to insert a catheter.

At the moment I have an indwelling catheter and I am going for Cytoscopy in a couple of weeks. I have never been frightened doing ICT but I think those days might be over. Instead I think I am going to have a suprapubic catheter I would love to hear any experiences good or bad you have had with a suprapubic catheter.

I have been having Botox injections for the last couple of years, will I still be able to have them?

I look forward to hearing from you all,


Hi, I had a Suprapubic catheter fitted about 3 years ago it was done under general antistatic took around an hour. I have a valve on the end of it and its connected to a leg bag which hold 1500 ml, I learnt how to shorten the tube so it doesn’t show through my trousers. At night I change the 1500 ml bag to a 2 litre bag because I drink a lot of water before bed with the amount of tablets I take. I have found it to be no problem it is changed every 6-7 weeks by the district nurse. I did have 1 UTI which as you know is a pain in the butt. I used to do self catheterisation but found I was getting up at night to do it. Now I do not need to leave the bed at night I just leave the valve open all night and it drains away as I sleep. Some people may have different views but I have found it a great help. Best Wishes Kielyn

Hi Patrick I’m also a bloke, and had one fitted about 4 years ago, after doing ISC for years. It’s made life so much easier. I always found doing ISC a bit of a faf, so I’m happy not having to do that anymore. Like Kielyn, I have it attached to a leg bag during the day (I use a smaller 500ml one), then a 2l bag at night. Occasionally I might get bladder spasms, but it doesn’t last long, There’s never any leakage. I have mine changed every 6 weeks by a district nurse at home. That’s pretty straightforward, doesn’t take long, and doesn’t hurt.My urologist aaid I could just have it as a short term thing, and have it removed if I wanted to. I’m very happy to stick with it though. Dan