Suprapubic Catheter

I have just returned from urology at the hospital and I have been told I have to have a suprapubic catheter fitted. At present I have an indwelling catheter. The consultant said that because I am a small person and have got a small bladder he is not prepared to do it under local anesthetic and I will have to have general anesthetic and stay overnight in hospital. He has told me he expects to do it within six to eight weeks. Has anybody else had this done and can you tell me what to expect.

Hi, can I ask why you are changing types of catheter?

I ask because I tried an in-dwelling one some 3 yrs ago and had a terrrible time with it…leaking, by-passing, bleeding and pain.

I was offered an SPC but declined. Somtimes I have trouble transferring to the loo, so have been thinking about an SPC…just dont want any bad side effects again.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I have always had severe bladder and bowel problems right from when I was diagnosed in 2005. For the first two years I had an indwelling catheter but had so many infections it was removed and I was taught to self catheterise. I did this for five years during the day with pads during the night. This was a bit hit and miss as I have no sensation that I need to go so used to catheterise every two and a half to three hours and hope for the best although I still had accidents. I also have a very small bladder. My MS is much worse now and I am mostly confined to a wheelchair. Also over the last six months my hands have got worse so I now find it very difficult to grip anything so can no longer self catheterise. I have had the indwelling catheter in again since January but my neuro feels that I would be better off with a suprapubic catheter as he thinks I will find it easier and it supposedly lessens the risk of infection. Anne x.

Me again.

Yes I have heard that there are less UTIs with an SPC…also the tube is wider, which is better at emptying.

Frances, (Campion) is a chamion of SPCs.

I`ll pm her and ask her to look at your post.

luv Pollx

Hi Anne I am very much in same position as you. Currently have indwelling catheter after no longer being able to self cath. My consultant wants me to have SPC as long term indwelling damages urethera. I have had 2 infections since November so need to make decision quite soon. I have spoken to Frances as Poll mentions who has had SPC for over 15yrs and has very few problems. If it means less UTIs I guess I will end up going down that route. Keep us posted Linda x