Suprapubic catheter

Has anybody had a suprapubic catheter? How long do you wait get it done? Who do you ask get it done? Husband doesn’t want use intermittent catheter to painful


I had a supraubic catheter fitted in 2013 it was done under general andesitic, was not painful have it changed by the nurse every six weeks although some people have it in for much longer.

I wear a 1500ml bag around my lower leg (shin) although I have a catheter valve fitted I always have to keep it open because my bladder cannot hold more than 200ml . At night I have a 2 litre bag on because I drink so much water which is important.

I have not had any UTI for years so for me it great. I used to self catheterise but found myself getting up in the middle of the night to do it. So the SC suits me fine.

Good luck


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Forgot to say you ask someone at the urology department to put your name forward for it. Or ask your neurologist to refer you.


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An interesting reply there Kielyn as I am considering going down that route myself.

I’m having too many mishaps using the bottle and with winter fast approaching the added problem of cold hands trying to negotiate ‘docking’ doesn’t enthuse!
I’d like you to let us know the advantages over the disadvantages before I commit