Suprapubic catheter date!!!!

Hi folks Went to see urologist yesterday as have had 4uti’s since end of January with this uretheral catheter! He said the way to go is to have a suprapubic one fitted. I am of course very nervous about it as it’s another general anaesthetic! Fingers crossed it will lessen the infections!! Hope everyone is keeping warm in this cold weather. Linda x

Hi Linda, I am also waiting to have a supra-pubic catheter fitted. Went to see urologist three weeks ago and he said it would be within six to eight weeks. Still waiting to hear. Anne x.

Hi Anne I have my date…April 24th!! Have you had uretheral catheter? Hope you get your date soon. My bladder causes me such distress and I hope this will solve some of my problems. :wink: Take care Linda x

Hi Linda, yes I have had a urethral catheter for 12 weeks now. I absolutely hate it and it gets me so distressed and down. I feel I don’t want to go out. I have had severe bladder problems since I was diagnosed in 2005. I had a urethral catheter for 18 months but had so many infections I was taught to self catheterise during the day and pads at night. My MS has worsened significantly now so I can no longer self catheterise as I have problems with gripping. Although like you I am nervous about having it done I can’t wait as I am sure it will be better in the long run. Anne x.

Hi Anne I have only had my urethral catheter in since November, for 10 years previous to that like you, I self catheterised. That is no longer an option due to my mobility problems. Let’s hope the suprapubic will be the answer for both of us eh? Let me know when you get a date. Linda x

Hi Linda, Only just spotted your post - sorry. I am so glad, for your sake, that you are having this done. I think it will change your life hugely and only for the better. Hopefully the UTIs will be infrequent and you will feel more able to get out and about. Let us know how it goes! In the meantime, good luck! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa Thanks for your support, I hope like you say it is going to be for the best!! I will let you know how I get on after op! Hope you are ok? Linda

Yes thanks Linda. Everything is relatively OK atm - fingers crossed. Apart from legs and walking which continue to decline unfortunately. But we all keep going, don’t we? Teresa xx

Yes Teresa guess we don’t have much choice and just keep going!! Linda x

Hi, good luck to you both, with the ops.

Frances here (Campion) is a great promoter of SPCs.

Look forward to hearing how it went.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll will let you know!!! Frances has given me some very positive vibes about the SP catheter. Linda x

Hi there

I have had a supapubic for 8yrs and can honestly say its the best thing I have ever had done. I was always gettng infections too but it has really cut them down. I also have a silver tipped catheter which needs changing every 4 weeks. My neuro arranged this type for me. The op is done in day surgery and it’s over so quickly you can’t believe it. The main thing to do is always keep the site clean as it is an open wound (not as bad as it sounds, it’s just a tiny hole just below the belly button) Another thing is its so discreet you can go swimmimg and no-one would ever know you had one fitted.

If you have any questions just ask away. Good luck.



Hi, good luck to you both, with the ops.

Frances here (Campion) is a great promoter of SPCs.

Look forward to hearing how it went.

luv Pollx

[/quote] Yes, as Poll has already said - l am a ‘old hand’ at SPC - l think it is 18yrs now. D-Mannose is highly recommended to prevent infections. l rarely have a problem - before l did - and its not good to keep taking anti-biotics. l am going to hospital for a HipHopOp - doesn’t sound so bad like that. Reading up on it l see that they usually catherterise patients during the op - so thats one thing l have saved them doing.

All the best ladies - you will soon get used to managing it - and you will wish you had had it done years ago.

You might not need a general anesthetic - they can do it with ‘local’. l am hoping l can have my hip done with epidural.


Thanks Muriel and Frances. I am sick of the continued infections and the associated antibiotics!! Do either of you ladies use the flip flo valve with the SPC? Frances I do hope your op goes well for you. I am having a light general anaesthetic! Good luck with your op Linda x

Linda, lts worth trying the flipflow valve - sadly it did not work for me as l had absolutely no control. l know it is very helpful for people in wheelchairs - who cannot transfer onto a loo by themselves. But with MS - its lack of control that we suffer from. l had a friend who had a severe form of Parkinsons - and she had a spc fitted to help her OH/Carer who would have needed to use a hoist to get her on to the loo. With the flipflow he could easily empty her bladder about 6times during the day - and put a drainage bag on for nightime.

l am sure you will find a way that suits you best.


Hi all, thanks for all your positive messages. Frances has also given me positive thoughts about having this done. This site is so invaluable and people are so lovely. I had my hopes raised today when the post came as I had a letter from the hospital but when I opened it instead of my appointment it was from my MS nurse changing the date for my appointment in May. The urologist has told me I will have to have a general anaesthetic and stay in overnight as I have a very small bladder and he is not prepared to do it under local anaesthetic. Even so I will be doing everything possible to persuade them to let me come home the same day. I will keep you posted when I hear anything and good luck to everyone else waiting for it to be done. Anne x.

Frances, I use a flip flow valve with my indwelling catheter and it works fine. As you say I can’t easily get onto the toilet so I just empty into a jug! I also link up to night bag and that is fine too, I’m hoping things will work the same way with the SPC!! Anne I do hope you get your appointment soon, now I’ve made the decision to have it done I just want to get on with it! Thanks for all your positive comments. Linda x