bladder ruling/ruining my life !!

Hi All,

Thihking of having a Suprapubic catheter, I already do ISC have done for past 5 years but can only do this sucessfully at home.

Problems arise when out and about !

Problems finding clean,spacious disabled toliets, cos have to remove trousers to successfully cathererise,have struggled with all the different gadets catherers with bags etc,also my legs become stiff and clamp shut, then finally after all that I’m often incontinent and have to change !

So can anyone advise about the good,bad and ugly of Suprapubic catheterisation ?



Hi Showers Sorry no-one has replied to your post. I like you self catheterised for 10 years until I found due to mobility problems and spasticity it became impossible. I had a suprapubic catheter fitted a little while ago and I’ve got to say its the best decision that I have made. Once you get over the soreness it’s easy to manage. I use a flip flow valve which means when I need the toilet I just empty into a jug…, no need for transfers to toilet. I always make sure I carry an empty bottle to drain into if I’m in the car! If you have any questions feel free to pm me! Linda x

Hi Showers,

Lots of us on this forum have a SPC. Had mine for 18yrs. So do pm me if you need advice. Also, there is a new help site called chronic health issues-living with a urinary catheter. Oxford Uni based scheme - l was interviewed for it last year. My ‘story’ is in the over 60’s group.


Hi, convert number 3 here!

I had a suprapubic catheter fitted almost 7 weeks.

The op itself went well. I was kept in hospital overnight…they knock you out completely!

The wound is healing well, but you do have to be scrupulously clean with it. it still bleeds a tad when touched.

It has made a marvelous change to my life…no more wetting the bed, the floor or myself! No more having to get up at night. no more rushed and dodgy tranfers to the loo. No worries about what disabled facilities are like.

I use the leg bags, but I keep the bag in a cloth bag on my wheelie. It is covered by loose long tops. Not sure if you`re a lad or a lass! It holds 500mls and at night, I change to a 2L night bag, which hangs on a stand by my bed.

In short…it`s fab!

luv Pollx


I’ve been doing ISC for a few years and the idea of going onto a suprapubic catheter gives me the willies. Lots of bad publicity through Melanie Reid and 21ccp dot org. It is very old technology and the incidence of infections and UTI frightens me.

What is the truth and should I be wary? Does a bloke have t move from jeans to baggy trousers. I use a rollator to help me walk, I do not need a wheelchair. I am an openminded bloke but this strikes me as a real blow to being independently minded.

Am I being a boring old fart or what?



No, you are not a boring old fart - quite the opposite. You have helped me - in the past- with choosing rollators - bought two of your ‘recommendations’. One l keep up stairs -for help getting off the stair-lift and getting to bedroom. So l am not being greedy!!

Now l have had a SPC for 18yrs - and its been a great success. Very rarely have l had a uti since having it done - one of the reasons l did it. And since taking a daily dose of D-Mannose - my bladder is much healthier. Heard about d-mannose in the Pathways mag - and then from someone on here.

lf you google living with a urinary catheter - lots of info from people who have had a spc for years.

l am in the over 60’s group.

The way l ‘wear’ mine allows me to wear tight jeans/leggings/shorts - keeping my self-esteem. No long lengths of tubing to get kinked and no bag of ppppppppp strapped to my leg!!

And - importantly - lf you did not get on with it - once the catheter is removed the ‘hole’ will start healing over within 20mins.

So an easy reversal.