Super pubic catheter

Hello. I have SPMS and have had a SPC operation recently. I am having a lot of problems with it. When it works it is brilliant but I am having a lot of ‘flooding’ with it via the normal female wee route. I do not know why this is happening. Can anyone help. pm me please, I am confused

Hi Cashew
Have you checked the catheter is flowing freely when this happens? Usually when I think I’m about to go via the normal (male) route, it’s because there’s a chink in the catheter or leg bag. If that’s not it, I’d speak to either the district nurse (or whoever changes yours), urologist or continence nurse


Yes, it mostly flows freely. Like you said, a kink does cause a problem.
But sometimes it flows fine but for an unknown reason it will divert from the bag and leak! This happens both at night and during the day. V frustrating.
I have managed to arrange a phone consultation with someone from urology but not until January.


Hi Jackie
You could try speaking to your district/community nurse (or whoever changes the catheter) and see what they say - they’re usually my first port of call when I’ve got a problem, as they’ve got lots of knowledge and experience

Thanks. I will give them a ring next week

Hi Cashew. I have had an spc for ten years. Like you, when it’s working well it is truly brilliant! I am going through some pretty bad issues myself. By passing is weeing out of the normal route, has been happening too often.
I did have a UTI which needed 2 courses of antibiotics to shift it. For weeks my bladder spasmed, very painfully, and by passed.

I have a telephone appointment on Wednesday with a urologist. I am going to ask if Botox would calm it down.
The weirdest thing is that it can drain into the bag and bypass at the same time!
Back to you…maybe it is just a matter of settling in.
DRink plenty of water…avoid caffeine and take cranberry supplements to help keep the bladder clean.
Do you have a follow appointment?

Love Boodsxx

Thanks for replying. It sounds like we both are having SPC issues! I thought it was only me.
I had this procedure done in July this year, after being told that this is the best option for people having long term urine issues. I am still waiting for my tummy to heal around the catheter site. The DN prescribed Timodene cream so hopefully it will work soon.
Anyway I don’t know if I have a uti. I drink a lot of water, and decaf tea. I also take cranberry daily as well as an antibiotic I took when I had the uetheral catheter. Perhaps I will try to sort out a test.
I didn’t have a follow up appointment after the SPC surgery but have managed to arrange a call to a Urologist but not until January.

Sending hugs and hopes for improvement

Thanks. What is bladder spasm?
I hope that you get things sorted on Wednesday with the Urologist. Let me know how you get on.

Hi again.
A bladder spasm happens in the bladder muscle, which is often very delicate in the overacting department! When this happens it opens the bladder and urine goes out…not always when you want it to!
I`ll let you know how the appointment goes. Cheers.

Hi again. Have you seen my post about the uro? All good and now waiting for the call.

Not yet. I will have a look now


I have looked for your uro post but there are so many I don’t know what I am looking at!