catheter problem

Hi, after a stay in hospital I had a catheter fitted. This was great until my urine decided not to go into the bag but soak whatever I was sitting on. Catheter has been changed and I’ve been assured all is in the right place but should problem occur then hospital beckons. Anyone had the same?

I can’t help but want to bump you up the list so someone who can help will reply to you. Take care


i self catheterise but they are not kept in.

is it some kind of in dwelling catheter?

maybe boudicca will see this or one of the others with experience.

carole x

Boudica here! Also our spacejacket Frances, is the real expert on catheters…of the supra pubic variety.

I have the spc type now and had the in-dwelling type (urethral) a few yesras ago. I think that`s the type you may be talking about, yeh?

Both types can do what they call by-pass. This can happen when urine leaks out the normal way. It happens to me sometimes, well, quite often actually, when I am on the loo for a no. 2.

It can also happen if the tubing gets kinked or if the hole in the bladder gets blocked by crystals.

Make sure you drink plenty of water, to keep everything flowing and well diluted.

Hope this helps hun.

luv Pollx

Thx for replies, no kinks in tube, could be Crystal thingy as sometimes urine does find it’s correct path and in the tubing it looks like the scale from the inside of a kettle…maybe a descale is on the cards…have a good day all.

Sounds like you have a lot of sediment which I get with my supra pubic cath especially if I don’t drink lots of water. You must drink copious amounts of water to keep the thing flushed which I find very difficult!!! Take care Linda x

ls this a SPC - l have had one for 18yrs. Yes you will notice sediment - we all have this - its just that with a narrow cath it is more noticeable. You can pinch the cath tube several times and you will see it start to spread and move down. l take D-Mannose capsules - they are for ‘urinary health’ and l can now see the difference. D-Mannose is a very concentrated magic ingredient that cranberries have. But not everyone can drink vasts amounts of it.

l do have my SPC changed every 5weeks - any longer it starts to crystallise around the balloon end - and then it causes a bit of trauma to get out - and l don’t want that!!!

pm me if you think l can help more - or with a indwelling catheter - This is a new online help backed by Oxford Uni - l was asked to ‘tell my story’ along with many others - to help all with this problem.