Worth Asking For Betmiga To Help Bladder ??

Hi Folks,

Sorry to be less than delicate, but I have issues with my bladder - particularly at night

Trouble is, I usually wake up 2-3 times per night, needing to urinate. I go to the loo - manage a very weak flow of water - and end up retaining water in my bladder which makes me want to ‘go’ again a few minutes later. My neuro referred to this as ‘double-voiding’ (…mmm …luverrrly !!)

Saw the continence nurse, kept a ‘liquid in’ v. ‘liquid out’ diary for her for just over a week, and then had my bladder scanned. Was prescribed ‘Vesicare’ as a result …which didn’t help at all

My quetion is, would it be worth asking for a prescription for ‘Betmiga’ from my GP now, or would I probably have to go through the continence nurse again?!!

The disturbed sleep has been steadily getting worse and is really starting to cheese me off now!!



There has been some good reports on Betmiga - so do ask your GP - tell her you know of people on here who are using it.

l googled it when l first heard about it - and what impressed me was it is totally different in the way it works from the old brigade of meds that have such nasty side-effects. Oxybutinin/Detrusitol/Vesicaire/etc.

l can imagine how you feel having to get up several times in the night - so go for it.

I am similar to you Dom. I dont take any drugs but I am definately better if I dont drink after 7pm. I am then down to having to get up once a night. Good luck, Peter.

Ditto that :wink:

Sonia x

My continence nurse recommends Betmiga but said that unfortunately it is an expensive drug and that docs may be reluctant to prescribe it on that basis! That shouldn’t be the case but it does happen! Good luck with getting it! Teresa xx

About two months ago somebody mentioned Betmiga on this forum . I suffer from bladder urgency - up to five small pees a night and urgency during the day. So, I asked my GP for Betmiga, which he prescribed. After a few days it started working. Amazing ! Bladder normalised ! No urgency and up once at night . No side effects. Normal dose is 50 mg daily, but my GP prescribed 25 mg which disappointed me initially , but it seems to work well anyway. Hope this helps. John

Hi Dom Definitely ask your GP. It really is adversely affecting your life having to get up so much at night. Explain how it affects you - tired and possibly irritable during day, partner? affected. We have enough to put up with so why shouldn’t we be prescribed a medication which will help us. That is what GPs are supposed to do!!! So if you have a good GP they should prescribe. I had similar problems and was prescribed the older medication Desmopressin which I call my magic bladder drug as now sleep through. Good luck and let us know,how you get on. Hugs Minxx

Hello there.My bladder has been really dodgy for six weeks,but it’s still two weeks until I see the Incontinent nure.I’ve been using a P bag on my leg,but I’ve ended up *iss wet through 10-12 times.I asked the GP for Betigma,but she said the PTC guidance said I had to have tried all the other drugs first,and THEN THERE IS THE COST.

So I phoned a journalist I know,told her the story and that I stopped Copaxone five years ago,because after 14 months it hadn’t altered my progression. I made the decision to stop it, but could have kept taking the deliveries.I’ve saved the PTC £Thousands and now I can’t have Betigma 'cos of the cost


If they say I can’t have the Betigma because of cost,yet I’m living with a boot full of piddle etc,the Journo will have a marvellous story.


ps I’ve spent nearly £150 on tight shorts,four different types of bag,tape,anti-tape spray ,different type of sticky things that go on my winky

Hi Woblyboy What a blinking trial. Ask for Desmopressin as its recommended in the NICE (doctors law) guidance for MS. This one works for me maybe you too. Google NICE guidlines for MS for details. As I can’t remember full details. But I think it says that you also have had to try other meds e.g. Vesicare - could be others can’t remember. Good luck Min xx


l am so sorry that you are having this blasted problem. Get back to your GP - ask for Desmopressin for now - they should be able to prescribe it straightaway. lt might work really well - but if it doesn’t then you can go back and demand the Betmiga.

Also, google Manfred Sauer - they are a company [run by disabled people] - they know all about incontinance problems and design their own ‘equipment’. Get the phone number and ring them - very helpful - they will send you some ‘samples’.

l had years of ‘squelching’ every time l sat down. Most of the time it was - like you - down the leg and a bootful.

Go to the GP - wet through - and sit on one of their ‘upholstered’ chairs. That will do it.


ps. l will send you some funnies - ones you can’t post on here! ln the hopes of making you laugh until you 'wet - oh no you already have!!

from your friend - with the outdoor plumbing.


Thanks for the advice,nice drug names.The GP who is in the middle of this is young,cute,and naive.I’ve set the ball rolling(that really hurts sometimes),so for the time being I’ll just sit back and see who backs down first,and let the journalist hover in the background sharpening her pencil…My knife is razor sharp and ready.

F thanks for the ideas,but as usual with this wonderful condition things aren’t straight forwards…As part of the daily routine I partake of C+C…Coffee and Coughin’/Coffin.I’m piddling out more than I’m drinking and as a consequence my disgraceful swollen feet are the smallest and least painfull they’ve been this year.I also take two sachets of MOVICOL in1litre of cordial to help with number 2s and that diverts fluid into the poo(technical term).

The plumbing firm sounds very interesting,and I’ve made a few modifications as well.Oh aye,nearly forgot I’ve got my second type of UTI which doesn’t feel,look or smell like a UTI,but less pain in my feet is worth all the other -uggering about.


ps.I wear waterproof kecks as part of the Winter gear so emptying a boot in the waiting room is a consideration


Some years ago l bought a hilarious birthday card for my elderly uncle - surname Barnes. lt depicted a Dr’s surgery - and the receptionist had just witnessed an old boy who had pee’d through the letter box. And the caption was ‘‘l see Mr Barnes has left us his urine sample again!’’ You can go one better - and when they ask for a sample -just wring out a trouser-leg - or tip out your boots!

Now - back in the olden days. Urine was supposed to be a cure for chilblains. l have heard it to be a treatment for jelly fish stings. You are supposed to pee on where the jellyfish has stung you. lf you are quick enough you can catch the jelly-fish with it as well.

Have you googled Manfred Sauer - get the number and ring them. Super people. l am ‘sporting’ one of their creations right now.



ME again - helpline and samples 01604595696 - and their motto is ‘‘we never leave a man - woman -or child wet’’.

And - right up your street - you can see Phil [helpline] with his Harley Davidson.

AND - they are a non-profit making organisation with charitable status!!!