Very uncomfortable symptoms..please help

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for reading this. I have had unusual symptoms (Dr thinks its anxiety–maybe hes right) but I would love some opinions if you wouldn’t mind.

Parathesia on both legs–pretty much a mirror image on both sides. If I get super stressed it may travel but it mostly is confined to the legs. Really bad when I am sitting or wearing pants. I think about it 24/7.

It doesn’t bother me or wake me when I am sleeping. Pretty normal feeling when I wake up.

I went through this same thing 3 years ago and had a brain MRI and it was clean. The feeling has returned and I am having a really hard time dealing with it. if you wouldn’t mind responding with your gut feeling I would greatly appreciate it.

I need to stay off google :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.


It’s impossible for anyone on here to say for sure what is going on but if you feel something is wrong, whether it turns out to be stress, MS or something else keep speaking to your GP/HCP to try and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

hope this helps somewhat