Hi newbie at all this

Hi everyone thought I’d introduce myself. Iv had problems off and on for last four months and saw a neuro and iv been diagnosed with paresthes. Cause is unknown at this time but now waiting on brain scan. Bit worried as too results but would really appreciate any words of advice. Pauline

Hi Pauline. I’m in the same boat as you. Although I have had symptoms on and off for several years. I have an MRI appointmentvon the 25th. This forum is very supportive and there’s lots of useful information and advice. I hope things work out ok for you. Kaz xx

Some times calling your hospital can hurry appointments up and scans it did with me

Hi there, I assume you mean paraesthesia? It’s not really a diagnosis, so much as the technical name for a symptom. It just means altered or abnormal sensations, so I assume you’ve been having something like numbness, pins and needles, or tingling?

It’s a bit like when I went to the doc’s with joint pain, and got a diagnosis of “arthralgia” - which is just the Greek for joint pain! Yup, I knew I had that when I went in there - but nice of them to repeat it back in Greek, so I could check they’d been listening. :wink:

Paraesthesias can be caused by a lot of things. Some of them quite rare, others as simple as a vitamin deficiency. MS is by no means the only cause. Have you also had, or going to have, some blood tests?


Hi Tina thank you for replying. Iv had an awful lot of blood tests done and as far as I know all have come back fine. It feels like all my skin is tingling and buzzing also like insects are crawling over unfortunately it’s also extremely painful. Iv suffered from numbness in my legs frequently and causes me to trip quite a lot. So far im left in limbo land as my gp isn’t saying much apart from increasing my meds. The docs aren’t saying much as to the cause but I feel like I’m going mad as nobody can see the problem and I can’t even bear to be touched. I realise it’s prob not ms as i don’t seem to fit the symptoms but having read some of the posts on here that I thought that people would understand the pain. Thanks again for replying Pauline