Could it be MS??

I am 40. Four years ago I had an “episode” which they said was a suspected mini stroke. In the same year I had had a hysterectomy. Two months ago I had some routine blood tests and they showed that I had an iron deficiency. They put me on folic acid and it seems to have levelled. At that time I spoke to the Doctor as I had a pins and needles buzzing in my right side. Sometimes its not so bad but it is always constant. The Doctor called this parathesia. He referred me to a neurologist and he did lots of tests on me and told me that I have a percentage difference in my right side.

After that as is a Doctor’s way he was almost talking to himself mentioning MS, Motor Neurone Disease but that he dealt in facts and wants me to go for a MRI on my brain and spine. The worst thing I have ever done is hit search on google and have frightened myself half to death. He wants me to have them done asap and he will see me in 9 - 10 weeks. On discussing this with my husband I said that it could be a trapped nerve. My other symptons include memory issues but I have suffered with these since I had my “episode”. Although not thinking it was connected I have bladder issues in that if I need to go I really need to go.

To have this hanging over me for the next 10 weeks is pretty scary and I saw on this forum people saying that it has helped. Any help you can give would be great

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Googling symptoms is a sure-fired way of terrifying oneself - better than any horror movie! It’s impossible not to do it though - we’re only human after all :slight_smile: The first thing I should tell you is that your paresthesia could have many possible causes and some of these are fixable, e.g. a trapped nerve or vitamin deficiency. Could it be MS? Yes, it’s a possibility, but I would guess that is only likely if they were wrong about your previous episode being a mini stroke. The second thing I should tell you is that MS is absolutely not the end of the world. There is a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of rubbish portrayed in the media about MS. Yes, some people have very severe problems because of MS, but the vast majority of us live long and happy lives. It really could be worse! My advice for getting through the next 10 weeks is to stop googling and try to forget all about it. I realise that that is almost impossible and that’s where we come in - this place is great for letting off steam, especially because we all understand. Hang in there. Karen x

Many thanks for the post back. When I logged on and read the positivity I had to post. Apparently I was the 5% that was undetectable about damage in the brain so we call it an “episode”. Out of the two things the Dr mentioned MS is probably the better one although I am sure people who have either would think that neither is good. I have had lots of blood tests and I do not have a vitamin deficiency. My dad is a diabetic and they do routine blood tests to check me. My white cells were raised quite high and they called me in to ask if I had been ill and I hadn’t so that is why they carried on more tests. The only thing they could find is my iron was deficient and I have been on folic acid for the last 3 weeks.

I am hoping for the trapped nerve I have to be honest! When I had my daughter 8 years ago I had several failed epidurals (not entirely their fault but I had really bad hiccups) and there is always a chance that this could have caused nerve damage.

I want to thank you for your comments and I promise no more google

Lorraine x