Vaginal paraesthesia

Does anyone experience vaginal paraesthesia with MS? I haven’t yet been diagnosed with MS, I’m currently waiting for MRIs etc but this is a new symptom. Thank you.

Yes I have had this in the past, during a relapse. Mine was numb on the right side and was pretty horrid. As awkward as it is, do tell your gp or neuro about it, might help them get a better idea of what’s happening to you. I hope it goes soon for you :slight_smile:

Yes, during a relapse also. Whole area was numb. Couldn’t insert a tampon without looking. Sorry if too much info, but it was pretty scary not be able to find intimate bits of one’s own anatomy, without having to look for them!

“Can’t find bum with both hands” has never been more true.

It did resolve.


I don’t get pins and needles in my vagina but numbness yes…had this problem long before my diagnosis last august.

Are you two always anon, or is it because you talking about your vaginas

Thank you for sharing, I agree it is a weird and unpleasant sensation. I mentioned it to my GP and he looked at me as if I was hallucinating. On the other hand, I spoke to my neurologist’s secretary, mentioned it and she understood immediately, she said she’ll mention it to the neurologist. As I said, I haven’t yet been diagnosed with MS but this is too weird to be something else… Thank you again! And Blossom - of course I go anon for this subject :slight_smile:

Chicken lol…sorry I’m a qualified nurse, can’t see what the fuss is

Seriously though!! I’ve mentioned it to my neurologist…I was diagnosed last august. I also have problems with urine incontinence. My scan showed lesions on my spine…I’m primary progressive.


Oh, Blossom, how are you coping with that diagnosis? What treatment are you on?

No Disease modifying drugs for primary progressive. I’m on lots of other meds though for other things.

I’m doing ok…is my polite answer lol. Try to take each day as it comes

How about you anon?

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I went numb for a bit ‘down there’ too during one of my relapses. Luckily mine only lasted a few days.

I’m numb from the bra line downwards - very weird. I haven’t been diagnosed yet but seeing the neurologist tomorrow. Hopefully I can come out of limbo soon

I’m also undiagnosed (MRI tomorrow!) and will unabashedly admit to random tingling ‘down there’ with no apparent cause. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever gone numb but do notice that sometimes I’m much less sensitive in that area.

Yep, I get strange tingling, ‘buzzing’ and numbness down there too! Weird is not the word!

I have got round mentioning it specifically to any doctors etc so far by saying I feel numbess and tingling ‘everywhere’ from the waist down. I then leave them to draw their own conclusions!!!

Doctors are intelligent Purpledot…one hopes so anyway but I do wonder sometimes they seem short on common sense.

They are not psychic though, so do mention about the vaginal numbness. It should really be noted down

I think its great that you all can talk about something that’s so intimate and personal… its given me the courage to post on this thread… I too have problems but only tingling down there… Blossom you mentioned you have urine incontinence. . I have problems emptying my bladder properly… can’t start straight away and little and very often. .is this classed as incontinence? ? Vickie.x

I have had numbness down there too…also undiagnosed at this point. It can be scary when it happens because you just hope it doesn’t last and so far mine has only lasted a couple days at a time. Hope you get everything resolved!

Hello Vickie

Incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine ( wetting ones self ) It sounds like you maybe?? retaining urine, which could lead to urine infection. My advice would be to see your gp or ms nurse and seek advice.

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Hi Yes I went numb between my legs during my first and only relapse for a few minutes (relapse was 4.5 months long and multisymptomatic), I had bladder problems for two days which resolved. Very frightening to touch that area as it was numb. I rubbed the area and sensation came back. x