Advice please - Saddle Paresthesia and MS

Hi there, I should say that I am new to the board and undiagnosed with anything at present. However, I have been suffering from saddle Paresthesia (numbness in groin area and buttocks) along with numbness in the soles of my feet and the back of my left leg for a week now. I am very uncomfortable and a bit freaked out!

I attended a&e where they did a spinal mri as they were worried about my spine being compressed and thankfully it wasn’t. I have now been referred to a neurologist as the dr thinks it may be MS. Obviously there are probably more tests to be done but I wondered if anyone here has experience of these symptoms either from ms or anything different? Any help is much appreciated !

This may help with your appointment Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

Good luck

Hi Nicola,

Hope it’s not MS, if you know anything about MS you’ll know that symptoms are numerous and very variable.

Top tip, write down any symptoms and how long they last and take it to the neurological appointment. The neurologist may suggest an MRI scan of your brain and spinal column to look for lesions. Usually it’s a case of ruling out lots of other medical conditions can take a while so don’t expect quick answers.

Hope it’s not MS , but if it is you’re welcome on this site.


Thanks very much , that’s a really good article !

Thanks Jen, I appreciate you taking the time to come back to me. I’ve written down all the odd little things I’ve noticed as well as the bigger ones lol Hopefully I’ll get some answers, I’m not very patient and the fear of the unknown is nearly worse than the knowing, I think anyway I suppose it remains to be seen! Xx