Very Non PC Jokes x 3

(content removed by moderators)

Sorry if anyone is offended.

Shazzie xx

Nope. It is way nicer to smile than frown !!

Thanks Mrs H.

I agree. Thought the site needed a few funnies to lighten the mood a bit (if you know what I mean).

Take care

Shazzie xx

Abso blooming lutely !! Xx

How did I nearly miss those little gems! :slight_smile: x

I agree these jokes are not very PC.

I also find them offensive and racist.


In fairness Anne, you were warned with the title. I perhaps would not have clicked on it if I thought the content may have upset me.


Posting a warning does not give anyone the right to post what they want.


Hi Anne. I certainly see your point and perhaps if the moderators were to come along and read it, they might shut the thread down. But on the other hand, they might not. The point I was trying to make - with no intention of malice - was that perhaps avoiding a thread that you knew would offend would have been prudent. I myself have been avoiding threads on one of the other forums if I see that a certain person has commented as I know I will get upset by this persons attitude. Angela x


Hi Angela

I would hope that racism would be dealt with very firmly by the moderators and the web team.

I was not upset by your comment. However, this is a public forum and it would be unacceptable if any non English people were deterred from seeking help and advice because of the attitudes and opinions of a vociferous minority.


Shazzie - l enjoyed your jokes - made me laugh - and l do have a bit of ‘Oirish’ in me. And being white and british l know l am in the minority.

If I posted ‘Warning - Donkey Abuse Post - Don’t Read if You Don’t Like Donkey Abuse’ - would people who then read it and objected to abuse of donkeys be in the wrong because they had ignored the warning.

I agree with Anne, these jokes are racist, mild racism that possibly most people would not be offended by.

However, they are the thin end of the wedge and will open the floodgates to increasingly aggressive and racist jokes.

Standing by for cries of ‘You Don’t Have a Sense of Humour’, ‘It’s Only a Joke’ et all…

As an English woman living in wales, I deal with racism frequently and sometimes it can upset me but I still find jokes taking the micky out of the english really funny. I think sometimes it can be too easy to get offended on someone else’s behalf ( I certainly am not saying that is what you are doing) for example, Marmite have received over 500 complaints over their recent advert. I personally enjoyed it but I in no way condone amimal or child abuse. But I still liked it. With peace. Angela x

Anu. Very thin line indeed. You are very right. However, I dont think that anyone has stepped over said line without the mods stepping in. At least I Hope not. X

Thank you Sonia, Spacejacket and Angela. I am very surprised that anyone took offence to be honest. None was intended. xx

I am so sorry that the other replies have been offended. I am certainly not racist. I will post further jokes by Private Messages so as not to offend anyone else further.

I won’t be making any further comments on this. The matter is closed in my eyes.


Closed. X