***Deleted funnies***Of course they have nuts***

If anyone wants a deleted funny PM’d to them, just let me know.

But please remember that if you ask for them & you are offended, it’s not my fault & please don’t complain or report me because you would have ask me to send it.

You know this is like trying to boost book or album sales, ban it & people want it…Mrs Whitehouse lives on.

Really though I know the mods have a job to do, but please remember there is always a warning in my titles, I only expect to be removed by the mods because of T&C’s NOT because of complaints.



There is a line between funny and obscene. We have made that line as wide as we can, but occasionally some ‘jokes’ get through to the obscene side. These we cannot leave.

Liz [Moderator]

I know that Liz, if you read my last comment i am agreeing with you & I appreciate you have a job to do…but I do have to point out the point of my titles as well.

As I said if people want to read them I can PM them if mods decree they have over stepped the mark.

Also in my defence, even though I am an ‘oldie’ I am new to the new site & still testing the ground, this site was supposed to be a little lighter with regard to humour, but I am finding out how light.


Hi Hazel.

More nuts the better, , as far as I am concerned, keep them coming.

It’s the same as the TV, if you don’t like it there is always the off switch.

If we can’t do much else, we can still have a laugh, or is this just one more thing that people with (MS) are not allowed to do.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

H, the crime is getting caught.

Wb x

You are right your Woblyness.

Mel that was me working from the bottom up…only kidding.



Hi Hazel

If some of the jokes you post are getting moderated than I shall go with the moderators decision. What the teller finds offensive is not what is going to be posted, so it is not like the poster can have the final word on what people find funny and what they don’t, or assert a lack of humour any challenge to the publishing of the joke.

The sign of a good joke teller is knowing what is funny and what is potentially offensive to other people. And posting them on a forum like this, then you have no idea who your audience is - so you have got to expect some control?

What that load of waffle clear? LOL (I have had wine)

Steffi xx

You should stay off the wine…lol!



Hazel I always love your jokes and never find them offensive and thanks for emailing me the ones that you do thank god MS hasn’t took my sense of humour I worked on building sites and drove trucks so I’ve herd it all it would take alot to offend me I can see a joke for what it is a JOKE! lol

Mark xx

Laughter is the best medicine…but then we don`t all laff at the same stuff, eh?

never found your jokes offensive Hazel.

luv Pollx

Mark & Poll, you are both welcome to any giggles I can share.

Thank you, you give so much back to me just by being there & being who you are.

I really do love my friends very much, maybe one day we can meet. Ellie is a little gem, she’s wonderful, I have never regreted meeting her.