***Medical idiot***Contains rude itchy nuts***

Content removed by Moderator - in breach of T&Cs

Brilliant Hazel, cetainly did LOL. Oh and where did you get that cool Avatar?

Love Wendy


Go on giggle some more, it’s much better for you.



I love that one, brilliant

Lol Teresa xx

Very good.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Very Good Hazel lol

They removed your original post but I see Corkie copied it in there reply, I cant see why it was removed.

Mark x

Hateful and thretening I do understand but the others I hear it everyday and you have to laugh,

I’m just not as brave as Hazel lol


This was a really hilarious joke - l have had it sent to me by email a couple of times - and everytime l read it l have a giggle. So shame it has been ‘erased’. Pity the mods do not do something about furore going on in other posts - Have they never read the ‘House Rules’.

We need more funnies - ‘Laughter is the best Medicine’.

So keep posting them!!!


Thank you peps, oh well, such is life I suppose.


If I had offended someone & they had complained I would expect to be ticked off & erased…but I have just been ERASED!

I had marked it as rude so I gave warning & it was allowed to run for a while anyway!

OK tell me off & ban me…the world has gone crackers.

Well said Hazel the amound of my treatment’s better than yours and all the suff that going on at the minute if they’d take and remove that would suit them better. I’m not talking about the people who know I thought if everyone could enjore them the might go away but they wont.

I cant begin to imagine what anyone newly diagnosed feels when there looking into treatments.

Welll enough about that lol keep the funny’s coming god know we need a laugh lol

Mark x

Thanks Mark,

As a supplier of many of my funnies you have a perfect right to comment, my e-mails are always full of your contribution…keep em coming.

Your friend H


Now they have Mark!!!

So much better than the racist jokes that are sent to me on a regular basis, they are not funny and I just delete them. Personally did not find this joke offensive, but it takes all sorts I suppose.!