A Non Pc Joke and one more

Just a word of warning to those who stole electrical goods

in last years riot…

Your 12 months Manufacturers Warranty is out of date soon!!!

A wife says to her husband

"what do you love best about me my pretty face or my lovely body.

He said “Your sence of humour”!!!

Shazzie xx

oh shazzie

that 2nd one sounded just like my hubby!


Hehehehehe!!! Funny though!!!

We have got good sense of humours haven’t we Carole!! Hehehehe!!

Shazzie xxx

Hehehehe!! Leave it with me Spud. I’ll see what I can find.

Shazzie xxx

Sonia x

Glad you liked them Sonia. Off to look for some more!!

Shazzie xx

Hi Sonia We’re do we get the income from? Ta.xx

Where not we’re hahaha