Vaporized by common sense

Hello fellow sufferers of Primary Progressive MS & every other unrelated condition in the universe.

Been experimenting with Vicks Vapo Rub for a few days now & it’s been working a treat. It doesn’t cure problems, but it wakes the broken system up. The combination of diet, exercise & avoiding those with zero understanding.

It all helps!

Take care out there.


Hi Terry, My son works out at the gym and he uses Tiger barm it smells amazing and is warming too. I think i might get some to use on my arms and legs the achy burning feeling is bad at the moment.

Michelle x

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I found that I can get menthol crystals at the chemists and if you put a small amount into a bowl along with some boiling water the vapour clears my head, although Vapo rub probably lasts longer.



I use it all over, after a shower. It seems to help with all areas + dry skin. Trying it is no harm. It certainly unblocks a blocked nose & helps me think clearer. Anything menthol seems to help.

Whatever helps, I’m a fan of. Even fans are useful.



Steaming Vicks every day has been quite good. If anyone else tries this. Get in touch.

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I don’t have any right now but I do have Olbas, so I might mix a few drops when I next spray on some magnesium oil spray

Sonia x

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Been using the Vicks for a few weeks now & I will recommend this to anyone with issues.

It promotes breathing deep. Which in turn, helps in some way. The things that don’t help, I avoid!

Take care folks. There’s always something different around the corner.


6 weeks progress report…

Still using Vicks & recommending it to anyone. It seems to be kicking butt. It is quite annoying that people have compared it to glue sniffing. Some people are so negative. Then say it’s me who’s the negative one.

The phrase, you’ll never win an argument with an idiot applies. They’ll beat you with experience.

All in all. It’s about making progress. Happy days smoothies & breath in some steam. Vaporize & go.

3 months later & the Vicks is still helping a treat at clearing the foggy head & neuritis floaters.

It even helps with the breathing, when the hug takes hold. Smells good too, so win, win.

lf you rub some Vick into the soles of your feet when you get into bed - it does help you sleep better. You could always put some cotton socks on afterwards if you do not want to spread the Vick over your bedclothes.

I like your thinking. A vapor hot water bottle would open the pores & keep you warm.

Menthol oil on car air fresheners near the fan heater is awesome. It’s all about the circulation. Helping the body help itself.

MS loves it when you sit, get hot, over exert & don’t get fresh air in the fuel system.

The bodies fuel needs vitamins, nutrients, minerals, water & essential oils. Or the factory shuts down.