Let the vapor commence

My new batch of Vicks is on it’s way, from Ebay. Yay! Having a few pints of water to keep me hydrated until its arrival.

Got slabs being laid today, for extra space outside my new work room. A place to potter & do creative stuff.

There’s even a steak dinner ready in the microwave, for later & I’ve just given the birds the last of my Blueberries. They think it’s their birthday. I just have to hope the squirrels don’t sneak in & steal my walnuts while the door is open.

Feeling quite groggy today, but hey. We just have to keep at it. Deep breaths & keeping the circulation going.

Take it easy out there folks & find what works for you. What you choose is what matters, others have their hidden agenda & it wont help your situation. Not in a million years.

From a vegetable paralysed on a sofa, after listening to so called experts for years. To looking forward to life.


Sounds like you’re on to something Terry. Who makes the rules anyway!

It works better for me than anything else I’ve tried, or been recommended.

I’ve got through 8 large jars so far. I feel it got me my driving licence back & I’m due an operation soon, so need to get things clearer ASAP. The heat of the summer is awesome, but it messes me up. The amount of falls & odd looks from folks is really frustrating. We shouldn’t have to tell everyone we see, some of us have PPMS.

Some of us are far worse off than others too. I want to catch some free vitamin D, but it can be trouble. Having vitamin D3 has become the better option in extreme situations.

I do love the sun though.

Hello Terry, lucky birds I bet they loved the blueberries. I think the heats messing us all up I feel weaker than normal and my cognitive processes are awful. I’m really pleased for you getting your licence back. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile

Try soaking your feet in some ice cold water Michele. Anything to cool down. Staying cool clears my head.

Getting my licence back, that was taken, along with anything else of value. Was paramount.

Relying on others has shown me how messed up some people have become. Vultures!

Good luck getting the right help. Send me a private message anytime.

Terry you enjoy it, whatever it is

I recommend it

In fact it is good for you.

I wish I knew what “it” is?? Don


People with PPMS know what brain fog is. It’s the discharge from the chaos.

There’s so much going on & yet it doesn’t stop the cause. The true expert is yourself.

Whatever it is, is doesn’t like Vicks or menthol things & gives the immune system a fighting chance. Diet, exercise & peace of mind. Whatever floats the boat & gets wind in the sails. Avoiding the causes. No matter how loud it screams.

From personal experience, people with issues, target people with problems. To highlight their issues. There are so many it causes mass confusion & it makes them happier.

Take it easy Don & look after yourself.


How do you actually use the Vicks ?

J x

I put a spoonful of Vicks in a large glass of hot water & breath in the vapor. My eyes & nose run & I clear the discharge with tissue.

After 5 minutes, I place the glass in a microwave for a minute & repeat the process, once the water is hot.

The chunkier glass I found is much better.

It’s just to clear the head fog & give clearer thinking. Then I get busy doing stuff until the head fogs & repeat the process. The more rubbish out the system, the better I feel. Breathing deeper every time.

Everyone finds their way. My friend uses an oven glove to hold the glass when it’s hot. When a layer of Vicks has formed when cold. I remove the access, so as not to put to much Vicks content in the microwave. Then add it to the heated water after with a large desert spoon. It works a treat for me & a few others I’ve recommended it to.

I open my eyes & blink a lot. To get the vapor into my eye lids. The amount of discharge sometimes is ridiculous & a lot of tissue is used. Breathing becomes far better, clearer vision & much better thinking cognition.

Going with whatever works for you.


Thanks i am going to try it,hope it works as well for me.

J x

also forgot to mention you can buy menthol crystals that i should imagine would work just as well as vicks and maybe much cheaper.mum used to get us to inhale after she put theminto a bowl of hot water,when we had a cold.

J x

Whatever works J. The cost is unimportant. It means there’s less for the vultures to rob.

I’m just trying to improve the PPMS situation. Others try to improve their finances.

I rub the Vicks on swollen areas & like the smell.

Take it easy J & I hope the menthol trial works out. Anything that helps is a bonus.

Hello Mr,Puddle A.k.a Terry,my name is Julien, A.K A juju, i usually go on the everyday forum, but this site seems more fitting

for me! spms & all that ,

my question was, have you tried Olbas oil? i never tried vick’s apart from when i had a cold as a child & mum would rub it on me but now im 50 so the present Mrs juju, has to put up with the smell! i love it

vit D on tap i live in Cyprus for now, had a few different meds, but they js seemed to make the brain fog & cog bits for worse

have a good day all, julien