Garlic Breath (NO VAMPIRES!)

Hi there folks, Terry has been accused of having garlic breath, twice already today, by random people.

So it’s finally seeping from my pores. Very glad of it too. I’ve invested quite a lot into garlic & the holistic MS venture.

My 5 litre bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar is being well used, in sprays, feet soaking & marinading steaks.

The baking soda in my cups of coffee is going down a storm.

Onion concentrate shampoo, after a good old jet wash with cool water.

Keeping hyper active & supping them green smoothies, infused with vitamins D3, B6, B12, Omega 3 & anything else.

From an outsider, I may seem like a loon, but 3 years ago I was told I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life & I’m going to skate parks, kayaking & becoming my old creative self.

1 & 1/2 years since I payed £700 to get my driving licence back & zero problems so far.

MS prays on people. Use it or lose it, is my motto & steer well clear of those narcissistic fortune tellers.

Just used my sack trolley to wheel all my shopping in & going to jam on my keyboards & do some graffiti stencilling later.

NO GP, Neuro, Nurse or helpers! Living alone in the Terry Twilight Zone, chatting on the dog & bone.

If I fall, I get up & let my body heal the broken bones & when I cut myself, I pull out the stitches with tweezers.

This introverted soul has started mixing with good folks & doing great things, minus the cling ons.

Who cares what people think, drink pink & watch bat fink. It will all be awesome!

Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis is a pain & it gets on our nerves. Just don’t let it win!!!

If we sit around too long, it will take over & make it much tougher in the long run. Don’t give up!!!

Yesterday I took someone able bodied shopping, helped them carry & pack. Then gave thoughtful support to their issues.

The person cares for others as a job & the stories I hear, can be quite heart breaking. Cycling miles up hill in poor weather, to feed, wash & dress people. On very low wages, with random hours. She gets my support & sets me a benchmark of the type of folks I respect. People who do stuff.

Someone who did a weeks so called hard graft, 20 years ago & constantly states how tough life is. Just doesn’t wash. Literally & factually. My personal judgement of those, who just delegate & do nothing but steal from others is quite grim. They are infesting & infecting the world, with their fakery. No matter how they dress & what vehicle they drive. Status junkies!

When I was a working man. I was busy all day, every day & since being told I’m too disabled to do things safely. I have slowly evolved, after getting used to the limits PPMS has set. My skin growing thicker every day, by the sarcastic dim wits. Poking fun at folks with issues beyond their control.

Those with a genuine disability, that causes so many problems, get so much grief. It seems to stem from jealous folks who don’t want to work & want to claim they are disabled. For financial reasons!

It’s not our choice. Get off your high horses & either get lost or help. It is frustrating to know how bone idle people are becoming, because they watch too much TV & want what anyone else has, by sitting on their backsides. Talking crap about how great their PC, laptop, phone or device is. It’s not impressive, you idiots. It’s an object!

You really wouldn’t want PPMS if you truly knew what trouble it causes, so get on with life.

Terry has blown off a rant. Caused by the frustration of being surrounded by scroungers & finding it hard to escape the situation I have found myself. Being subjected to stupidity, beyond belief & witnessing the most vulgar, manipulative people anyone could imagine.

Time for a drive into the countryside for a loud shout. The squirrels will wonder, what’s his problem.

Terry, the legend of Rant City in the county of Rantishire.

I’ve just been up to the supermarket on my scooter. Flashing along at a mind-blowing 8mph, I offered everyone I passed a hearty “Good morning.” I had 7 responses and 3 staring down at their feet. Motorists assuming their own high levels of importance screamed past me in desperation to get ahead of the game whilst the patient waited for a clear road before tootling past.

It’s their stress so I don’t give a feather or a fig about their soaring hypertension. I am actually seeing a neurologist in August. It’s only an administrative exercise to discuss my options and to keep them updated about my condition lest the PIP pug comes calling.

I’m now going to make croissants as my daughter is visiting tomorrow.

Rock on.

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You’ll get whip lash doing 8mph Steve. Now I’ve mentioned it, all the locals will be wearing neck braces.

Enjoy the time with your daughter dude. My son is 25 & beyond my help. I can spend all day slaving away & Mc Donnalds is the only thing that wakes him up. I rant at how obvious the problems are around me & the folks getting away with murder.

This PiP system has caused major problems. Our actual conditions get worse & their written versions improve. I’ll be in a coffin & they’ll write, he’s relaxed, with a smile on his face.

Just the thought of attending any medical meeting, makes me very cautious. I have folks comparing their pimple problems & anxiety, with not being able to move limbs. The truth is, they want anything that’s not theirs. Possession envy.

I was on the cusp of escaping this rat race & now I’m stuck, smack bang in the heart of it, for the rest of my days.

They stole any chance I had of getting away from scum bags.

I’m still hopeful. My creative mind is busy & inventing other ways off this grid.

That’s such an inspiring post Terry. You are always so busy . I love garlic Kievs, but not with cider vinegar. Keep up the good work. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s been good trying the different remedies. All based around healing & helping the body fight back.

Some of the ingredients might be an acquired taste, but it doesn’t distract from their proven, historical use. Apple Cider Vinegar tastes good added to onion gravy, with a few cloves of garlic thrown in. Poured over Broccoli & Roast New Potatoes is amazing. Add a couple of baked Chicken Breasts with steamed baby Carrots & I’m done.

We have to do things, other than sitting about & speeding up the damage.

Keeping proactive & in good spirits, is a must.

Take it easy Michelle.