3 roasted garlic bulbs

Dozens of roasted garlic cloves to snack on, in a jar of Omega 3 oil & Apple Cider Vinegar.

Eating healthier is working a treat.

Had a big spoon of Honey & some pickled Beetroot for lunch. Whilst washing it down with a strong coffee + Bicarbonate of Soda. The weeks red onion skins & garlic waste are all boiling away with some herbs to make my body wash. After I add a few essential oils.

No more pills for this & that. Enjoying the free sunshine & litres of cool water.

Enjoy this awesome weather folks.

Cool Terry is wearing shades, after having his head shaved to zero. Shaking 300 spray cans. Graffiti days ahead.

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I’m sorry Terry but that sounds disgusting, my father in law used to take garlic capsules and his breath was awful. I’m glad your keeping okay Terry . You are doing well with your new diet of healthy things . Michelle and Frazer xx

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My fave restaurant used to serve whole bulbs served up with olive oil and balsamic vinegar… only way I’ve found of sneaking in garlic, without too much garlicky smell, is green olives stuffed with garlic cloves. Yum! x


I don’t mind Garlic in kievs or garlic bread but I think it would be hard to eat a bulb of it . I bet it’s really good for you though. You’ve done excellent getting your mobility back and coming of the meds Terry . It love to get back to how I was, I’m not on lots of medication , I came off antidepressants when I qualified with Frazer nearly four years ago . I wish i could get my driving back. Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh Terry it sounds dreadful, but if you can get it down and it’s doing you good, well done you.

I enjoy garlic to flavour food, that just seems too much for me, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to food, fussy is what some people would say!

Keep up the good work Terry.

Pam x

Indeed Michelle. It’s not listening to my Neurologist that saved my life. All I wanted to know was why I kept falling over, why it felt like I lived on a merry go round & was too weak to stand. After loads of different medications, losing my driving licence & job. Sticking the kitchen knife through my chest & waking up in a pool of blood, it was my wake up call. Stop listening to these idiots. I drove to a gorgeous country park today, strolled dizzily in the sun & chomped on my garlic. I’m now drinking pints of cold water & thinking where to go on holiday. So I can swim in that warm turquoise sea. Keep eating that junk food folks & take the medication. I’m living proof, that way doesn’t work. An oily smoked Basa Fillet is for tea, covered in red onions, pickles & tomatoes. With whole grain rice & some New Potatoes & mature cheese. I’ve been to the MS fitness group today too & spent an hour on my circulation booster. Garlic, garlic, garlic & even more garlic. Terry

Hi there Pam. Keep being fussy & eat what you like. Enjoy this lovely weather. Terry

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Terry you devil.

Fancy disobeying the neurologist and eating all that garlic.

Diet is slowly transforming my levels of fatigue to something far more manageable.

I’ll probably blog about it but your openness and honesty is encouraging. I’m all for broadcasting the positive.

I’m still on my anti-depressants but they’ve helped clear up my vision problems so I’m staying right there. I stroll in my chair and Tramper. The roads and pavements of Crowborough:

“designed, one might have thought, expressly to lame all living creatures that approached them” (Dickens) have failed to confine me to barracks. As for my neurologist; “wither he?”


Howdy Steve. Been a super rough day. It’s hard to stay positive when dragging limbs about in this heat. We have to get out, when it’s weather like today. My neuro wont see me any more, because I refuse medication. Totally ignoring what it did to me. Keep blogging Steve. Whatever floats your boat. Terry A whole pack of Fish Fingers & a squirt of tomato sauce as a snack, is on my menu today.

The smell of Garlic is awesome. Got another bulb on the go. Adding it to everything & using the peelings to make all sorts. Just ordered 5 litres of natural Apple Cider Vinegar & a huge tub of baking soda too. The cleanse & detoxification process is in full swing. Using all natural ingredients. My nose has been running a marathon for days now & I’m drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated. Having the odd full English breakfast & roast dinner, to keep the body’s mixer topped up. Keep healthy & active folks. Ignore the know it alls. Terry

That’s super Terry , my son made homemade garlic and cheese bread , it was lovely but it did stinl the kitchen out. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’d rather have the smell of garlic, than a visitor who’s BO makes my eyes water. Garlic has so many good properties, it’s hard to ignore. Just like ginger & chia seeds. Been drinking a load of supermarket, home brand green smoothies. They work out loads cheaper than making them & there’s plenty available, because they’re healthy. Which says it all.

Seeing this thread again made me chuckle because the other day we had a baked camembert and Rob usually puts a couple of peeled cloves into the cheese before he bakes it. However, this time he threw a couple of garlic bulbs in the oven to eat with the cheese and bread…the only thing was, as we’d planned to have a pizza, so we had garlic bread. We had no plans to see anyone on Sunday so we didn’t care if we stunk, it was yummy and I think we had about a bulb each and garlic bread

Sonia x


I love olives n garlic hmmmm me best put some on the shopping list.

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Hi Don

So good to see you here again, we have all been worried cos you have been so quiet.

Hope all is well for you and Heather.

Pam x

Same for me Don too, hope you are both as ok as is possible?

love Nina x