Suffering in heat ...

My head is pounding …neck and shoulder pain…vision is distorted with floaters etc…no energy…cant get cool…any advice??

Would a cool bath help?? I’m struggling too, my knees are numb and I have clonus in my right ankle that only seems to have come about since I decided to go running in the heat the other day!

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Invest in a large fan & get some comfy clothes on.

The Vicks routine I’ve been inhaling is great for everything. When rubbed on areas it’s soothing & cool too.

Don’t be worried.

Best regards Terry

What do you use the vicks for and how do you use it? Does it help?

I put a spoonful in a glass, pour in boiling water & inhale the vapour. It helps with everything.

Clears the eyes, makes you think clearer, breath better & chill out.

When a joint is giving me issues. I swear a blob on the area & after a while. It just feels relieved. It smells good too.

rub it the soles of your feet!


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The Continental heat is a real problem for me too. My routine is to drink lukewarm herbal teas and one of my mother’s tips was to place a silk style scarf in a bag in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then drape this around your neck. I think you also have to be careful and not wear it for too long.

Best wishes



My optic neuritis was almost better but it’s definitely a bit worse again in this heat. The air con broke at work the other day and the office temperature was 28 degrees which made it difficult as I work on screens all day. It’s working again now, perhaps a little too well! I’m absolutely freezing but at least I can see properly again lol.

I had to travel through London in rush hour the other day for an exam. I was pretty stressed and it was hot, and I felt a bit wobbly … quite possibly due to the ON though I guess.


Agree about the cool bath. It saved my bacon this time yesterday when tell-tale nerve pain rang my overheating alarm bell. Off to have another right now.