This damned heat.....!

I’m a person who has MS. Like most of us, I’d suppose, this recent heat wave is a nightmare (especially as my office has no aircon). I’ve experienced a relapse after being free of them for 2 or 3 years (I think, I don’t keep records), but one of my symptoms (if it is an MS symptom?) is a ‘dimming’ in my vision. How do I explain this? I’m using an iPad at the moment, I was watching a YouTube clip, but it wasn’t bright enough, so I tried to increase brightness levels, but they were already 100%! I think I’ve had this for a week or two, but have only just started to gradually notice it. It’s not optic neuritus, I’ve had that before. I’ve also got vertigo (for past several days) Which is pretty miserable, and aches in all my majors joints plus some fingers on each hand. Plus I have stabbing pains in my lower back, plus in past twenty four hours stabbing pains in my ears and arm muscles.

Im most concerned about my eyesight, obviously…

it’s pointless to contact hospital, I don’t think they have a neurologist on call anymore - and my usual neurologist has left his position and I don’t think they have a replacement yet. I know the treatment would probably be cortico steroids, and I don’t want those - I wouldn’t take them. Also, the MS department would probably be swamped with patients during this heatwave.

sorry if this message is a bit rambling, I’m very fatigued and in quite a lot of pain

hi cueball

you’re not alone in this problem.

i used to be able to do 3 things in a day, well spaced out with a rest in between.

now though i’m lucky if i can manage one thing.

even the free vitamin D is no compensation!

carole x

Hi heat gives me an exacerbation of symptoms. Like ON, it will even trigger a mild attack where i struggle to see or write properly, once i have cooled down it usually goes back to abetter and manageable level.

The heat years back would confuse me, as it really afffected me before i knew i had MS, yet i was born in a hot country and loved the heat.

Now it makes me tired, my eyes blur, and go silly, my legs weak and tingle and burn more.

Just like having a hot shower.

Try and stay hydrated and keep drinking cold liquids.

All i can say is it does get better when i cool down. x

Hi everyone

i wonder how MSers manage in hot countries? I’m staying in bed today, couldn’t even operate my wheelchair yesterday

keep cool. JaneX

So stressed with all these ‘little’ symptoms ALL at the same time. What I’m really dying for is a long soak in a hot bath… which I know I can no longer have! It’s one of the things I miss most from my pre MS life. Well, that, and having a fully functioning mind that doesn’t go on the fritz all the time when I really need it! :wink:

I hate summers - roll on winter

Yep, the heat is a real killer. I work weekends and part of my job means spending time in an air conditioned temperature controlled room. This is great but I have to spend time out on the shopfloor of a busy machine shop too. Once I’m out of the safe haven of the CMM room the legs start to tingle, get twice as heavy and the only thought is to get back in the cool room.

As @Crazy Chick says, keep the fluids topped, preferably from the fridge :slight_smile: