On a not too serious note, has anyone else got the dreaded buffalo hump?!

( A pad of fat behind the shoulders, usually caused by the extended use of certain steroid medicines, including prednisone, cortisone, and hydrocortisone)

no-i havent.

BUT i am p’d off that i cant shave my legs,armpits and pluck my eyebrows just now.

is that worse than urs?

i am not laughing. can u wear a scarf? or pretty necklace to distract from the back?

these are important everyday issues!

take care of u.

ellie x

Not sure.There is an unsightly lump of fat and gristle atop the neck. I regularly see my -rse,and that isn’t as cute as it used to be,but I still talk out of it the majority of the time.


I’m feeling ur pain Ellie, I’m also pi…ed right off too, I hate not being able to de-fuzz at the moment. I did ask my mum to do my eyebrows but was worried sick she would go too far and give me the sideways comma mark style she has , all was good in the end though, just kept stopping her every minute to look. Hate not being able to use my hands (my amazing son is typing this for me) Take care guys Jo xxx

C’mon ladies get the mobile beautician round for waxing …lol

I book mine to arrive an hour after I take my meds…and take a little something as well extra to help the pain.

She does it for me on my bed as I cant get up on the table she travels with, and does me a discount cos I get everythine done at once.

It really drags you down mentally having hairy pits.

You’d be surprised how gently it can be done, I love my lady she even factors in extra comfort breaks.

I’ve had to make many scarifices financially since being ill, but not this one.

(dont ya just love the chats on here!)

dont have the buffalo hump thank golly

hi gillian

i like your suggestion but am in a rural village that has 2 shops and 3 pubs-not even a postoffice!

however, i will make enquiries re a mobile beautician-you never know!

hairy ellie lol x

Times are tough so I bet one will travel. The best rate round here is £40 for full leg, bikini, pits, eyebrows and top lip.

I am fairly inner city so u may have offer a bit of petrol.

For the first four months of being ill I was soooo bad I just left it all and looked like cavewoman.

But when I started to pull round (you had a nasty relapse recently didnt you ellie? ((((hugs))) the first big event was the waxing.

My husband thought it was funny it had such a brightening effect on me.

I can laugh about it now but it was a big milestone for me…

Gillian xx

Yes, I have it. Always thought it was called a dowagers hump? Whatever that means. To me its just fat!

luv Pollx