"Hugs" from hell

Hi Everyone. Im on my 5th night of all I can describe as the worst labour pains Ive EVER had. These so called “hugs” have rendered me absolutely helpless. They have over the past few days radiated from my midriff & now to my shoulder blades, I honestly thought at one point I was having a heart attack. Had them before but NEVER like this. My MS nurse wants me to have IV steroids but after last time & the stomach probs I am reluctant to say the least. Can anyone advise? At my wits end, lack of sleep, pain etc sos to be a drama queen but Ive never had them this bad, any imput I would be very grateful, thanks Tracey xx

Hi Tracey, I’d don’t know the answer as I’ve suffered terribly with these over the years, but I just wanted to say I hope they pass quickly for you. Thinking of you, Mary xxx

Hi Tracey Sounds very simillar to something I experienced last year but it didn’t go up as far as my shoulders. I found relief from having a wheat bag both on my lowerback and on my stomach helped. Worth a try. If you haven’t a wheat bag I’m pretty sure a hot water bottle would be just as affective. Thinking of you xx

HI I have the same problem,vame again yesterday frightend my hairdresser to death!I am on a combination of gabapentin,diazepam and amitryptyline at night also having neurophysiotherapy so far only helpimg a bit.Hope you get some relief soon x

Thank you all! Dont mean to sound a drama queen but its scared me this time! you the only ones that know!!! Cant go on doubled up all the time!! Hubby hasnt a clue!! Tracey xx

Hi. Oh this is definitely my least favourite symptom at the moment. I think because it limits my stamina for shopping! Although a walking stick helps with this and keeps me going for longer, until I have to give in. Last march though I couldn’t walk far at all because of this. Getting from sitting to standing was bad enough. This was before I was dx, I called NHS direct because breathing was difficult and just felt crushed…really scary! My neuro said my gabapentin should help with it, but I still get it…not as bad as it was though. Hot wheat bag helped me the most at the time as well. Hope it doesn’t last long for you. Mish x

Thank you Mish, Just feel so out of my control at moment. I am a palliative care Dietitian & I cant get my head round this. Never thought I would be taking empathy so literally. Love my patients & cant give my all, Im scared, very scared. Its winning right now, cant even think straight, total despair at moment Tracey xx

Oh so sorry you are so low. I felt like that earlier today. My mum has just come home from a three week stay in hospital. She is a volunteer at local hospice, she tripped over someone’s zimmer and broke her hip…ironically now has one herself. Anyway with running round to help, working changed hours to fit round rebif side effects I am jut exhausted. My left knee felt like it was giving in today and somedays you just feel like you can’t cope any more. Stuck in traffic getting home tears started to role in shear desperation to get home and close my eyes! There are times when it feels like we are losing a battle but hopefully things will change and improve but it doesn’t make it any easier at the time. It helps sometimes to just share with other folk who understand. Fingers crossed things improve for you soon. Mish x

Oh Tracey I really feel for you, have had similar but no where near as bad as ur going through and I was hundred times more scared and totally pathetic, ur doing great , don’t underestimate your strength, good luck and hope it passes quickly back to reasonable status!! for you .

Do you know what if it wasnt for you dont know how bad it would be, thank you, sincerely, really apprieciate all of you Ill get through eventually Im sure, just low at mo Tracey xx