hugged and bothered

Have had dredded hug off and mainly on for weeks! Arms feel useless and tire easily baclofen helps a bit also thoracic back spasm agony.has anyone any usefull tips on coping with this I have spms.

Snap, I have this too at present, it seems to come on every few weeks these days, I do find a neck massage and reflexology help as they relax me, I take Amitriptyline at night and that helps too. I am drinking loads of water just in case it’s an infection, I know if I call MS nurse they will advise me to take sample to the doctor.

Sorry can’t give any more advice except relaxation, oh and undo your bra strap.

Wendy x

Thanks, have not worn a bra for a week, got tired of undoing it myself or worse getting someone else to do it.I am starting neurophsio next week so hopefully that will help, if it doesnt vanish overnight.

Good luck with the physio.

Wendy x