MS Hug

Hi folks a hug question had it everyday now for 6 weeks and counting on right side left side and around the back without any let up , my question is ? is there any medication that folks have found eases it or stops it at all , im on pregaballin , diazepam codeine and tramadol and baclofen nothing touches it im just wondering if i need to be asking for something different ? many thanks in advance

respect sheep

Sorry sheep, think you need to ask your gp for something else. Can’t think of anything myself… but if it was me I’d opt for a bullet maybe?? :smiley: xxx hope you get some relief from the pain. The hug is a beast of a symptom. Best wishes, Julie xx

you have my sympathy.

it really is the devil of a death hug!!

hope it passes soon.

carole x

So sorry you’re going though the dreaded ‘hug’ sheep, Apart from Amitriptyline and upping your dose of Baclofen, I can’t think of anything else. I do tend to wear headphones with relaxing music when I’m out on my buggy,I find relaxation is the best way of dealing with it, if you are able to relax that is.

Wendy x

Hi Sheep, it is horrible and. painful, you have my sympathy but unfortunately I don’t know of a way of easing it, I try deep breathing, sometimes it helps but more often not.

do hope you get some relief soon.



thanks folks yep treid the music lastnight on with Johnny Cash busting my drums and yep it helped the relax part im so highly strung that i couldnt remember whatt it was like to feel relaxed good call Corkie many thanks yep jen theres a few missing from that list as well ive managed to knock another 3 off the list this year so my aim is to reduce it even further if i can find a happy medium vinny a bullet would certainlly work i reckon lol and be a perminant stoppage of all symptoms but defo not 1 id recommend … at least not if you want to have breakfast in the morning , thanks Carole & thanks Janet , well this morning i awoke to a hit in my forearm never had a spasm there before i couldnt move my hands arm or fingers was absolutelly hard a raging lasted for 1hr 30m finally i was able to roll over get out the bed and get downstairs for a hotwater bottle which seems to have turned it into a dull ache which i can live with as i can type today to but as soon as that stopped the left thigh went into 1 and the dreaded hug returned funny it nevers starts or acts up when im laying down

respect sean

I had it badly (for the first & only time) just after my wonderful other half died in March. 20 rounds with Mohammed Ali, and a steamroller on top of me. First two days morphine in hospital, then tramadol and paracetamol (8 of each a day) The hospital told me to stop codeine, whilst I was on Tramadol.

Had a couple of much milder Hugs since, but still not gentle, hardly able to breathe, move or talk until the pills kick in.

Hope it becomes more manageable for you soon. I often sit and swear & shout loudly, (doesn’t matter as I am alone)

Take care & chin up Mary

Whilst im glad and happy for all the support it saddens me so many of us suffer without a treatment for this part of MS lets hope they find something soon

respect sheep

Hi Sheep

I was put on gebapantin because its meant to be a pain killer & muscle relaxant but its either Gebapantin or pregabalin x