MS hug

Happy Christmas and Bah Humbug MS hug!

I’m really fighting ‘the hug’ at the moment and it is starting to disrupt my life. I got rather used to the pressure pulling band around my chest and left hand side, but I’m now having sensations of a ‘hole’ in my side that explodes with electric fireworks every so often. Anyone have experience of this? I know I’ve been pushing myself to be festive etc and doing extra cooking / sewing / visiting but I didn’t expect to be doubled up this afternoon and be helped to bed with a pregablin for relief. Any one else have this problem?

haven’t had the hug for a while. it’s a proper misnomer because that cup a soup advert talked about a hug in a mug. i gave up on christmas a few years ago, such a lot of work and stress with nasty symptoms as the price. it must have got through to the family though. today my two sons cooked christmas dinner whilst i did as ordered and sat with a glass of my new gin and a dark chocolate terry’s orange. you just have to ride it out, take any muscle relaxants you have. (diazepam, baclofen, a big christmas sized spliff even) hope it goes away whilst it’s still christmas day. wishing you a better end to the day. and don’t push yourself any more!!

Thanks, Carole, and, of course, you’re quite right. Trying to be superMS woman again. Most days I spread myself comfortably, do my paid work and little else - I’ve tried to be too active this year. Roll on retirement - less than 3 years to go now!

Hello all. I tend to get a dreadful pain between my shoulder blades from time to time. Crossing between one side to the other. I used to think it was something I’d done, like stretch or twist awkwardly. Now I;m starting to wonder if it might be the Hug…?