I must be a very hugable person

good morning all

I hope the good old MS is being kind. Mine is being incredibly loving at the moment as Iv been having hugs for the last 6 months nearly.

I guess the point in my post is that I just want a rant about the dreaded “hug”. Im fed up of being kept awake by it and feeling like Iv done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson jabbing me in the rib cage. Iv tried to carry on as normally as possible but today Iv rang in ill as I feel exhausted and sore. On top of the hug my legs are tingly and my right arm is hurting.

Im sick and tired of it now and just wish it would pee off! And who ever named it a hug obviously didn’t have MS!

Sam x

Hi sam

I totally understand what you are saying. I have had the hug for many years now. Like you say it does keep me awake at night and last night was bad for me.

Just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Get yourself comfy and get yourself a nice dvd or book and don’t move.

I’m not gonna say the obvious like wear loose clothes etc etc but I must admit I do feel comfier in my jammies. Might even put them on now!!

Take care and I really hope yours eases.

Shazzie x

hi sam

remove your bra because it seems to make the hug worse.

hugs should be nice, cuddly, fluffy things but the ms hug is more like the death grip!!

horrible thought that my own body does that to me!

have a quiet, lazy day.

hope it p*sses off soon

carole x

Hi Both

Thank you for the replies. Iv got to admit having no bra on really does ease it n been snug in my pjs is just a bonus. I have offered to do a little work from home today which would only mean making a few phone calls. But the thought of getting the old over the shoulder boulder holder on makes me cringe x

Good ole pjs. My little life savers. Shame you can’t wear then to work eh?

Shazzie xx

I wish! Iv always thought work would be a better place in your pjs and if your desk was over your bed! Xx