MS hug

Sooooo not as nice as it sounds Hugs-yes, MS hugs NOOOOOOO!!

Haven’t had them in a while, but after a good day … Oh my lord CRUSHHHHH, couldn’t explain to hubby so when I started to, and he looked me, and I just cried lol no words were going to work, eeeks.

love and hugs to you all.

Polly xxx

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Take it easy out there Polly. From past experiences, I’ve learned to just stay calm.

Such a coincidence Polly. I came on the board to say I’ve had hug since Wednesday night! It’s hell.

It’s eased up a bit today… well I’m saying that but I’ve taken Amitriptyline which relieves it for a couple of hours… then it starts up again. I’m also taking Baclofen which also relieves it for a couple of hours.

My ribs feel so sore and bruised.

Hope it goes away for both of us soon!!!

I always take it as a sign that I’ve been either overdoing it or am stressed out… so it’s worth stepping back and letting go of anything that worrying you.

Not helped by news of the talktalk cyber attack (I’m with talktalk)!

Love and hugs… but NOT these nasty hugs!

Pat xx

Hi Polly and Pat

Can I make that a triple hug, it feels like my ribs have been kicked by a horse, and there is definitely nothing in nice about this hug, as you both already know.

Perhaps we could form a girl group…the hug sisters…I would laugh, but it hurts too much.

Take care, hope it goes away (and stays away) for all of us.

Pam x

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Hugs of a different kind coming back at you guys I hope you are soon all feeling better. XXX Don


Thank you Puddle!

Oh Pat I didn’t know there was a cyber attack thingy on talk talk? You poor soul, three days? That’s me just on day two, yes I had tried to do too much yesterday before it came on.

will try some relaxation today, I really hope you are feeling better soon tho honey?

Polly xxx


Diazepam is good for the hug,hope it goes off very soon for you both, why they call it the hug i dont know,its more like a death grip,cos it squeezes the life out of ya.

J x

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Oh Pam can’t believe there’s 3 of us with it!

Haha the Hug Sisters is good… although I think our singing will sound like a long whining groan.

Kicked by a horse is a good description!

Mine is definitely a lot better today… but I feel so weak and exhausted and drugged up!

Here’s hoping we all improve today.

Pat xx

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Oh Pam not you too! Oh sweetie! I missed your post when I posted my reply before! My girls, it’s terrible to think of you all having it too but something that say’s “Polly we’re with ya”

it might be quite good to record “The Sound of MS” lol, my daughter said a few days ago she could make a Rap tune of my ouch sounds, I thought it would be quite funny, so I’ll get Pat and Pam in on the case too

Ive been taking diazepam at night to help me get to sleep, but nothing is helping through the day very much, but it will pass soon. Very soon for us all I hope.

warm and gentle hugs all round

Polly xxx


Mine seems to have gone (thank God!). I haven’t taken anything since Amitriptyline this morning.

I feel bruised and totally washed out… but who cares as long as the crushing pain has gone!!!

Hoping both of you Polly and Pam follow quickly in my footsteps!!!

Pat xx

That’s great Pat, now your just left feeling spent though, and of course the miriad of other things we have to deal with, which I think everyone of us is awesome for dealing with.

Take it easy on yourself my lovely

Polly xxx

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Pleased yours has gone off Pat, it does leave you feeling drained though,so make sure you rest up and treat yourself to some chocolate this weekend.

((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))))

J x

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Thank you ladies. Chocolate sounds a good idea (any excuse)…

Dickie looked seriously worried whenever I groaned or whimpered in pain. Poor little chap.

Waving magic wand for hug to leave Polly and Pam.

(((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))) to all. Thank you J.

Pat xx

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The hug has to be one of the most painful symptoms I’ve ever had. It’s the way it just comes out of nowhere… Bang…some giant is gripping my inside & it takes my breath away cos it’s too sore to breathe normally. Thankfully I don’t get it that often so to have it for days on end must be torture.

Sympathy cyber hugs ladies, nice ones though! x


Hi all

First post! Diagnosed with PPMS last August, most problems evolve around mobility and bladder, however, got my first “hugs” a few days ago and “wow” how painful! I’m on nortryptalin, tramadol, naproxen and due to another fall and back injury I am also on oramorph and none totally take away the crush of the hug! So really feel for you guys!

Mr Wobbly

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What about us guys with the “hug”?


Hi Mr Wobbly and a big welcome to the gang! You’ve found the best place for advice, support and friendship.

Hug is hell… but it does go again. My last episode lasted about 2 days but since then I’ve only had a couple of episodes lasting no more than an hour. Have you tried Baclofen for them? And I’ve found a couple ibuprofin can help too… esp for the milder hug. Seems to be a huge variety of hugs… even the one-sided one! I get that quite often.

If you want to start a thread, just click on ‘new thread’, put in a title and away you go!

Great to have you with us. Hope you’re coping ok with the diagnosis. It takes a while to get your head round it… and just when you think you’ve accepted it you have a ‘OMG I’ve got MS’ moment!

There’s a general belief that PPMS is the worst type of MS (by those who know about ‘types’ and that’s not many people!) but that isn’t necessarily true. For many of us it progresses slowly and aggressive RRMS can be worse.

Hope you’re doing ok. Ask us anything! Nothing is taboo and between us we know just about everything there is to know about PPMS! (and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, we don’t just stick to MS… pets, chocolate, TV & politics are favourites too!).

Pat xx

Thanks, I think early on I was overly concerned about the type of MS I had but I now realise that MS is crap, whatever type you have and at least I don’t have the up and downs of RRMS, I know that I have problems everyday and don’t have the dread of a relapse!

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Apologies MrWobbly… Here’s a nice cyber hug to you (and the other males) that are hurting from the hug…

Welcome to the group man! x

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Sorry Mr Wobble,

Didn’t mean to leave out the men on the hugs, all the hugs are more than welcome! But the MS hugs are not lol!

yes MS just sucks whatever way you look at it!

love Polly xxx

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