Fancy a Hug?

Who the hell has put these compression socks on my feet? And why are they four sizes too small? Wait a moment - there’s no socks. That must mean I’m experiencing the hug for the first time. And isn’t it an absolute joy?! As if the relapse numbness in my right leg wasn’t enough, I now can barely move my feet. MS really is the disease that just keeps giving.

Oh - and I’ve got period pain too. I’d go back to bed if I could bother hauling myself up the stairs.


PS - I’m not wallowing in a mire of self-pity, honest :o)

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Oh Anna - so sorry to hear you’re feeling so yuk. Here’s a not-painful hug from me ((((((hug))))))

Hazel x

Thanks Hazel. I’m not feeling too bad, just having one of those days. I’m mid-relapse and waiting for MRI and steroids so in the meantime I’m occupying myself by moaning. Please feel free to tell me to stop ;0)


ok, if you need a moan, then do so. afterall, it is a very necessary part of this pig of a desease.

hugs…nice ones…for you.


Not gonna tell you not to moan - like Poll said, sometimes it’s necessary!!!

Hope today’s a bit better for you.

Hazel x