"My girdle is killing me!" x

Well, not really my girdle…I don’t have a girdle…it’s my scalp!!!

It started 4 days ago with a tickly, crawly feeling like I had head lice.

Now the whole of the top of my head is soo painful to touch!! and it’s coming slightly down my forehead on the left too!!

I feel like someone has been dragging me round by my hair!!!


Just having a whinge!


Mornin Jen, my girdle is killing me too! If its not aching, spasming, tingling painful or numb I probably dont have one. Apart from the things I’ve mentioned I feel quite chirpy. I empathise with you I just wanted a whinge too, I havent really got a girdle either. I hope you feel better soon Jen, funny thing.is I checked the top of my head and it also was tingling - I’ve never noticed it before- the list is gettin longer ! Thanks Jen for cheering me up. (((hugs))) xxx Frank

Waa haa ha!!

I tink my hubby is battering me in the night!!!

Maybe you should chain him to the end of the bed people pay good money for that ! o_O F.xxx

Sometimes I’m awoken by muscles going into spasm, maybe thats wots happening.Thats what woke me earlier. F.xx

Ditto - the last few nights I’ve been waking up with cramps & spasms in my legs &they are really stiff in the morning - my arm has also been numb every morning!

This sore painful scalp is bloomin annoying though - I can’t raise my eyebrows!! LOL x!!

Mine is proportional to the amount of work during the day