Vaginal lubrication, issues!!

Hi all,

I am a regular reader but don’t post that often, but I just have one question. I was recently reading a friend’s thesis about physiotherapy and other, combined, non-drug treatments in MS.

In this thesis she mentoned a whole host of symtoms, the likes of which most of us are familiar with. But one thing that really interested me was the part about sexual disfunction. This part mentioned that a lack of vginal lubrication in women can be a primary symptom of MS. Does anyone have expirence of this as related to MS?

I was DXD’d at 16 but have almost always been a bit ‘dry’ shall we say. I just thought it was one of those things. never thought about it in relation to MS- me and my boyfriend just use lube! We have a very good relationship and he is fully aware of my MS. He was actually the one that first spotted the MS link!

I would justr be interested to know any mroe information about this and any possible long term treatments etc anyo might know of.

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Lion :slight_smile:

Hi Lion,

Well, I’m almost 47 now, so difficult to tell how things would have changed anyway, by this age (was only Dx’ed at 44).

But I’m definitely not as I used to be. Was once “ever ready”, so to speak (whether or not action was on the cards). Now more like NEVER ready.

(Sorry if a little too much info. )

I’ve always thought it might well be due to the MS, but then again, it might not. At the moment, it’s quite low on my list of worries, but I’m not in a relationship anyway.


Hi Tina,

Thanks for the quick response. It’s not too much info at all, well, at least not for me! I’m definatly on the never ready end of the scale and have been for pretty much as long as I can remember (i’m 27 now btw). As you say, it could be one of those things that might be MS…or not! Who knows? But it’s just interesting to hear other people’s experiences.

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Google Estriol and MS - Estriol is a natural oestrogen and is of benefit to us with ms.


Wow, just googled it and it all looks VERY promising! Thanks F :slight_smile:

I haven’t found this to be a problem

Hi, as I`m 60 now, it happens!

luv Pollx

Hi Anon and Poll,

Thanks for your comments, it’s all interesting for me just to see how much of a problem it is, or isn’t in MS!



My experience is much the same as Tina’s above and as I’m 48 (only just, it was my birthday on Thursday) I assumed it was an age thing rather than an MS thing. I’m also not in a relationship so it’s not high on my list of priorities at the moment.

Tracey x

I had similar problems and spoke to my GP who has given me Tibolone. I asked my Neuro about it and she said there were no adverse reports and some people had said it was working.

So I’ve had three now, and we’ll see what happens!

I’m not sure how long it takes to start working?

btw - I’m 53, have RRMS and am on Tysabri.

I do have this and as it has got worse as I’ve got older I assumed it was age rather than MS related. Didn’t have it before my very first relapse though so maybe. The natural oestrogen sounds interesting. I feel like I’m starting to rattle with pills already though!

Hi all, I’m glad I’ve found a post on this as it has been a big problem for me the last year or so. It hurts when me and my partner try to have penetrative sex and almost feels as if I have shrunk down there. Like I’m losing my virginity all over again every time. We have stopped trying now and I feel like this is a big rift between us at the moment. I’m not sure if it is dryness or something else (spasticity?) but it is a big problem. Help? Thank you for anything!