Utility shock!

Just received my electricity bill from British Gas after they abandonded their ‘essentials tarrif’ and price rise kicking in and boy does it hurt. Mine has gone up by £60 and we aint into proper winter bills as yet. They want to put up my monthly payment by another £35 per month on top of what I already pay. Ive written to them asking for an explanation (not that Ill get one other than wholesale costs etc).

How are we supposed to keep up with these prices - Im already washing in cold water and boil kettle on gas cylinder. Cant think how we can cut out using less electricity. We need the washer, cooker, dishwasher, although now use steamer (1 pan), slow cooker and try not to use washer as much and dishwasher.

Does anyone else find utility prices exorbitent? Or maybe its just me who feels we are now paying through the nose for essentials?

I always laugh when we get questionnaires asking how we spend our DLA - almost all mine goes on transport, utilities, insurance and petrol. Not a lot left for anything else.



Mine went down to ONLY £119 a month (gas + electric) this year and am dreading next year! I agree Bren, I use mine for food etc as my ESA doesn’t leave much by the time I’ve payed all the bills. Am dreading my renewal next year…

Mags xx

Yes Mags, if bills keep on rising like this what are we to do, rob a bank? Dont think hanging around on street corners will get me much trade, I cant even stand up straight

Take care and stay warm, lets hope Santa brings us some joy eh!



bren bren bren!!!

u have just made me laugh out loudly!

does it matter if u cant stand straight,wouldnt you be better lying down?!

thanks-i know-i am silly

e x

Ah Ellie, now wouldnt that be telling!!!

Glad Ive made you laugh. Feeling pretty sh.t at the mo, headache from h.ll and off my food, so something is afoot - namely ms doing its thingy.

Must tell you, earlier on in the week was going mad with price of carrots - 10p each! - I know what I wanted to do with them, but did have other ideas! We’ve gotta get our kicks from something ya knows.

LOL bren


Agree totally I’m with EDF and they have announced a 10 percent increase, need to check out other providers, however they normally all follow suit.