We've been robbed!!!

Our village has been robbed of its electricity supply. During the early hours robbers have stripped the copper wire from the electric supply. And it was the earthing wire they took -  which meant we were left in a dangerous situation. And the robbery was in our field - luckily the people opposite do have keys to the our gates - so they were able to let the EON men in to do the repairs.

Recently, we have also had all the drain covers stolen in the surrounding lanes. We have had to put traffic cones in them to stop anyone having a nasty accident. lts about time the drain covers were manufactured in a heavy rubber. The price of scrap metal is so high now. Scrapyards need to be closely monitored as they must know that anyone bringing in drain covers has not come upon them legally. Where will it all end. We have a 24yr old Volvo Estate - [just past its MOT] that we never bother to lock - as we always thought 'Who would want to pinch it' - but now because of its weight - it is quite valuable as scrap. l am expecting to find the metal gates and water troughs to go missing next.

One of our neighbours found, on Christmas Eve, all his ducks and chickens had been taken - obviously, for someones dinner! They would have been  a bit tough to eat - as they were not youngsters.

Well l have had my moan -






OMG what a thing for them to do,apart from the danger to themselfs to leave everyone else in that danger too is unbeilevable.

Youre right about scrap yards too they should be charged with receiving stolen goods, that will make them ask where the "scrap metal"came from.

How anyone can stoop so low as to steel chickens is beyond me, i hope they  choaked on them.

I really dont know what the worlds comming to when people do this sort of thing,hope the cops catch them.



This problem was just highlighted on the Daily Politics show (BBC2 12.00pm) and it seems there is going to be pressure applied to stop scrapyards offering cash payments.

The Government are cutting back police numbers, so that's bound to help.

what scumbags to do that.

round by me its oil that disappears at the moment as most people have oil central heating tanks in  their back gardens.and the quarry up the road had a lot of oil nicked a few weeks ago, its amazing how many vehicles go up to that quarry at night after it closes.

and nicking chickens and ducks is not on. its sheep round by me. i dont know how they get away with it, but lack of morals and police dont help. x

The electric company are still working on replacing the cables. Apparently, it happened at 4am.  This is a 'rural' area and the electricity is all overhead cables. And not very high up - so easy pickings. Our power came back on about 9am - but all the houses on the other side of the village are still off.


Honestly, you live in a nice rural village and feel it`s safer than a big town, .yet not so, eh?

I recently made a list of all the things in our house, which rely on electricity to wrok...............daft as it sounds, I got to 76!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv Pollx


Honestly, you live in a nice rural village and feel it`s safer than a big town, .yet not so, eh?

I recently made a list of all the things in our house, which rely on electricity to wrok…daft as it sounds, I got to 76!!!

luv Pollx

[/quote] Does that include your new electric wheelchair Poll? Someone has been ‘apprehended’ for stealing the drain covers. He was spotted on CCTV - and they were traced back to his van. £4.000 worth had been stolen. To get past the scrap dealers they cut them up and hide them inside other metal - and of course its sold by weight. And he is an ex-fireman.

Frances, I like to think of myself as a nice, liberal-minded sort of a type, but a story like that does bring out the hang-em-and-flog-em in me.  There are people around who really would be better for being tied back to back and dropped down a well.