tarantino scenarios

my husband has all his tools robbed again.

they smashed the passenger side window of his jeep.

it hurts to see him look so broken.

if i get my hands on the f*cking low life scum, i’d cut their fingers off one by one.

we could do without this shit.

a man who lives opposite our street saw something suspicious and phoned the police with the make model and registration number.

now hubby is onto the police now.

if they had acted on that neighbour’s information, they’d have caught the scum.


a farmer friend had his quad bike stolen recently - thieves smiled! at security cameras before driving off. Crime reported and ‘logged’ but no visit from the police. You are right, there is a lot of low life about - and they know they will get away with it.

Oh Grrrrrrr. I’m so sorry Carole and for Mr CWC. People just have no respect for other people’s hard earned equipment. It’s not just the monetary value. I’m sure it’s all the time it takes to get just the ‘right’ tool for a specific job.



Hi Carole, I’m thinking of a curse for these worms. I’m working on a version of St Elmo’s Fire, which will make their heads glow bright green. AD

he had them robbed when the house was burgled, replaced them at cost £3000. now they’ve been robbed again. he’s thinking of packing in work because of it. he knows exactly which tools are best and so do the lowlife scum! anger is making my nerve ends tingle! thanks for replying.

I can think of lots of replies, most of which aren’t printable. I’m so sorry these mindless, feckless, amoebas have plagued you again.