What sort of weekend have you had ?

My weekend started by being robbed.

You know how it is, Friday night your knackerd from the shopping excursion. You crash on the sofa whilst other people unload the car of all the shopping.

You fall asleep and in the confusion the car remains unlocked.

A tugger comes along during the night to check for open cars and they invade your car.

You only find out the next morning when you open the boot and you find the organised boot is scattered. At first you don’t realise and you tidy the boot.

Perhaps a mishap by the people who unloaded your car.

You place things back in the box and close the boot.

Next you climb in the car and you wonder why the contents of the glove compartment is scattered on the floor.

Then you find the contents of you continence bag scattered on the floor and the penny finally drops and you realise you have been robbed.

I suppose it’s the perils of living in central London where people are hungry.

I spent today writing to the manufacture of a hard drive in China.

I tired to explain politely that the goods I had purchased didn’t work and could they help me.

That was another fools errand when I thought I could upgrade my laptop to no avail.

He who steals from another steals from himself as my Great Grandmother used to say.

Did you hear of the great deal for disabled people.

If you pay £40 you can have a man plug in a box to upgrade one of your TV’s to digital.

I questioned who thought that one up. Even if I wanted to upgrade my 35 year old TV or even my

18 year old one I ask myself is it worth the bother.

I would also need to upgrade my TV Ariel which is more expense.

I have 5 TV’s about to be made redundant.

Why doesn’t someone come round with a new TV for a nominal fee and take away the old ones.

I converted an old computer into a TV and it only cost £10 and a bit of effort.

I don’t know how well the Keyboard and mouse will survive the Kitchen but the 20" HD LCD screen is brilliant.

Mr Mouse


I’m sorry to hear about the theft from your car.

As for the TVs, you don’t need to throw them away, and you certainly don’t need to pay a so-called expert to do what is a very easy installation.

I’ve got about a 20 year old analogue TV. I bought a cheap, unobtrusive set-top box (either this one or near identical: ) - technically not even set-top, as it just plugs into a SCART socket at the back - you can’t even see it from the front.

I haven’t needed a new aerial.

I would at least experiment, before concluding all the TVs - and the aerial - are redundant.

My TV is so old it’s desn’t have a scart socket, only the ariel input. It was pre the days ov video recorders and you just tuned them into the ariel frequency so your VHS was another channel.

No scart sockets on my TV’s .

I do have one TV that will picks up digital but it’s ashame the others dont warent the bother.

Mr Mouse

Oh no! Mr Mouse! That sucks

I hate burglers with a passion. How b***** DARE they? We’ve worked hard for our things; they just help themselves? They have no morality whatsoever

I hope at least that the company in China does the right thing!

Karen xx

So sorry to hear about events this weekend Mr Mouse. I hope they didn’t steal anything of any value (either monetary ro sentimental) bastards!

Hope the technology problems can be resolved without too much expense or hassle. The digital switchover hasn’t been that well thought through, that is for sure. I imagine a lot of people will be in your situation.


p.s. I was fully expecting the b word to become a filtered word!

I don’t care how “hungry” they are, that doesn’t give anyone a right to steal! Hope they didn’t get much. Re your TVs, I’m pretty sure I’m not making this up, but I think you can get a cable to adapt a SCART to another input method, check out Amazon.

Luisa x

Do not be conned into purchasing a new aerial for digital. If your aerial is serviceable, i.e. receiving a good analogue signal, it does not need updating.

We were I think, the second area in the country to be switched to digital. We had the normal knocking on the door more than once, usually late at night. The sales pitch, went along these lines, good evening Sir, we are in your area installing digital television aerials, therefore we can offer you a special price.

My reply, I have a perfectly serviceable television aerial fitted in the loft, oh that will not work with digital sir, you need a digital aerial and it must be fitted outside.

Son, I was installing power supplies, up commercial television masts, when you were just a twinkle in your fathers eye, now go away and stop talking crap, you have picked on the wrong person.

That was the polite version.

Did my aerial work with digital, of course it did.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).