How to ruin your weekend.

I am sure the DWP send those horrible big brown envelopes to you so they spoil your weekend , not that i am able to work so all days are the same really but sun is shinning today after yesterdays rain . They are looking at my claim for PIP again i was awarded it after going to a tribunal and being awarded it by a judge until July 2016 , so why do i have to go through all this stress again so soon , i don’t deal with stress very well anymore and i am in panic mode already just burnt myself trying to make some lunch , still i have done it once i can get through it again, i expect its those Tories trying to make savings from us disabled again .

Take care all .Katy

Hi Katy, they always come on a saturday,when you have to wait until monday to phone,and then its so busy with everyone phoning about saturdays letter lol,it takes you all day to get through,hope you get some answers …i am only just going from incapacity benefit to ESA,i have yet to have my letter informing me of the change to PIP from DLA,its a nightmare situation for us, i wish i could win lots of money and tell em where they can stick there DLA and ESA…