PIP update!

Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as possible. Just rang the DWP to find out If they have made a decision about PIP. They have, and I have been awarded enhanced rate for both! Sooooooooooo relieved, love Bex xxx


great news,pleased for you.

J x

Nice to hear some good news, well done.

Jan x

So pleased Bex. You’re gonna have a good weekend.

Shazzie xx

I know. Am going out for dinner tomorrow night, with my mum and sister, to celebrate xxx


Sonia x

Fandabbydozey! I know how much you have struggled to get what you rightly deserve. Good for you!


Hi Bex. Did u get it first time. Or did u have to appeal?

I got it first time xxx

Really Great - hope you are not in my position, the Local Council have cut my housing benefit, so now getting my P.I.P. am £14 a month worse off. When I appealed they rightly pointed out that I had received a 15 month back payment from D.W.P for disability so should use that to pay my rent - so who pays my travel, home help and much needed carers, nobody, so am back to where I was in 2013, but infinately less able than I was then.

I understand that everyone has different needs, circumstances, family & friend network etc. etc. but the system is an absolute minefield to find out your rights. My euphoria on receiving my PIP award did last three weeks, went on holiday with a girlfriend, then came back to the news that my housing benefit has been reduced.

I know that you can’t win all the time, but each small, long awaitied victory seems to result in one step forward, then two back.

But as my lovely Mum used to say, ‘Chin up, shoulders back and tits out’ So I carry on - but don’t we all

Regards to all - Mary

That’s great! It’s such a relief when your receive your award.

I recently had to renew my claim as award was coming to an end in March 2016 so was sent the forms to fill out in March of this year.

I got up this morning to a letter from DWP saying they have reviewed my claim and my award is now being continued until 2021! I was so worried about the outcome but so happy they have renewed my claim quickly and got the outcome I had hoped for.