PIP result

i have finally learned the outcome of my PIP tribunal and it’s good!

higher rate both components!

welfare rights have done me proud!

so now i’m going to have a wee dram to toast them.

good wishes to all who have yet to go through it.

carole x


Woo boo hooray for you Carole, I’m delighted. Fantastic news.

Sue x

Go Girlie!!! So, so glad!!! xxxxx

Forgot to say, I have poured you a gin, chin, chin babe xxxx

thanks xx

woo hoo finally… THEY put you through all that awful stuff i am so pleased for you hun, you deserve it. xxxxxxx

BRILLIANT NEWS!! All the best, Fay

Great news. Nice to hear something positive.


i would urge everyone to go as far as they can with the appeal.

i’d begun to lose faith but look how it turned out for me.

carole x

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Good on you Carole for seeing it through. I had to reapply a while a go and got standard for mobility and care but think I should have got higher rate for mobility but didn’t at the time have the strength to appeal so just let it go. I admire anyone that can take on the DWP. I now feel like I have let myself down. On the plus side I got it for four years instead of the three I got last time.

Yipee!! Another three years till the next stress fest.

Mags xx

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Pleased to hear your news iam waiting for my appeal date.xx

Can I be a bit cheeky , and ask if your pip has been awarded indefinitely? I have received mine , with a review in 30 months time? Presumably they will have found a cure by then!,!?

my award is to 2023.

six years before i have one of those delightful forms to fill in!

why have i got mine for 6 years and you haven’t - duh cos it’s the bloody DWP

carole x


PIP is never indefinite (sigh) the maximum is 10 years. Often (usually?) only 3 years. So six years isn’t a bad result. It still makes you wonder in what way we’re supposed to need less in terms of care and mobility help as time goes on and we age …


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Congratulations on winning your appeal. I too won my appeal today, went from 10 points on both to 12 on both. To anyone going through the process do it. The three people I saw today listened, and treated me like a human being, which I was not expecting. Will celebrate with a drink at the weekend.

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i keep smiling every time i read that another has won on appeal!

i like smiling so come on everybody fight and win!

a bit of funny - i read the letter several times but couldn’t believe i’d got such a good result, kept thinking it was my scrambled brain reading it wrong.

so i phoned welfare rights and said “i received a lettuce today, sorry a letter…” duh!

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