too much excitement

We live in a fairly quiet village apart from our neighbour that is he is anything but quiet,long history of death threats and malicious damage and anti-social behaviour.He seems to have a problem with the fact that I have health problems poor soul.Well he had been fairly well behaved until the last few weeks banging at all hours of the night screaming at his partner(god only knows why she stays) and apparently phoning the police and making threats to them.Up shot was Friday night we had 5 armed police surrounding his house and closing off ours from the rest of the village.Itwas exciting at first watching police in ski masks,riot gear and guns but it got boring after 3 hours.He wasn’t there,we told them he’d driven off 2 hours before they arrived,they asked if we knew where he would go like we would be on speaking terms with a nutter who has threatened to rape and murder me and my daughter and then kill my hubby,but the police didn’t think he was a threat then!!!Couldn’t get to sleep that night and don’t know if they have caught him yet all I can say is it is lovely and quiet.My daughter got a brilliant photo of 3 bobbies guns trained on the house using a remote camera to peer in the windows.Can’t wait for his next temper tantrum things could get interesting maybe it will be the helicoptor next time!!!

I thought I had a neighbour from hell but my neighbour sounds like a saint compared to yours! Hopefully they have arrested him x

Wow! I mean, dayum! Yep, quiet village life through and through! Wonder where he is? Oh wait! Maybe he’s gone off to church ;D

real anti climax he apparently gave himself up but there is very little information coming from the police.I wanted to see him n handcuffs like last time when it took 4 bobbies to get him in the van and they wouldn’t even pick him up until they had enough officers but they say he isn’t a threat!!!they should try living next to him.We recorded him making graphic threats of rape and murder against us and they only warned him as when he was interviewed he cried saying I had tortured his mother into an early grave_so the booze and fags had nothing to do with it. The problem is he wants us out of our home and he can’t have his own way.

Every time something like this happens it counts against him though, right? So Stella, do you have some secret Spanish Inquisition past that you’d tried to keep hidden, torturing people’s mothers! ;D

This guy sounds like he’s got BIG denial issues, if anyone tortured his mother into an early grave I’d say it was him…

Latest news we heard is he either had a gun or the other rumour is a machete .Bad news is he has been spotted back at his home this afternoon so it’s a case of keeping our heads down and hope he doesn’t loose his temper again.You can tell when he is brewing up for one of his episodes. I’m going to sleep well tonight even if he is there I usually sleep with one ear open you never know what is going to happen but I was in hospital yesterday for eye op and got very little sleep so I am shattered tonight.Only got home at 4.30 been trying to get discharged since 8.30 this morning!!Night all

Hi Stellabean,

Sounds a scary neighbour like a story line from a TV Crime show. Sleep well and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Snowqueen x

thanks snowqueen I did sleep quite well.News is he did have a gun and he also beat up his partners farther 70 plus and a woman and he is now home! I should rename him teflonman instead of AO (shorthand for arhe)