Grrrrr, Police Inaction

Well my day started off lovely, sunshine with hope for a very happy weekend. Then my neighbours son parked in front of my driveway, blocking me this evening and I wanted to go to the supermarket for some bread but couldnt get out. Ive had parking issues in my cul de sac for some 8 years, so the highways put me a white H bar to denote ‘access at all times’ to my neighbours and anyone parking awkwardly.

I was instructed to always ring the police should I find myself obstructed. Tonight I did as I cannot talk to my neighbour after he assaulted my son and threatened to do something horrible to him, but of course the man denied saying anything when the police were called. He got away with his aggression and constantly smirks.

Tonight was told the police were too busy but couldnt I go and ask him to move his car. I told them of the past and the fact if they cared they wouldnt be parking like they are. They then said they would phone the son and ask him to move his car. Having cctv I saw the son go into his car and get this - he moved it 2 inches! So legally, he moved his car. Of course the police had gone off the phone so I phoned them back and said ‘hes taking the’ by moving it 2 inches. They said they would ring again as they couldnt come out because they were so busy. They rang again and again he moved it another 2 inches. He then took photographs of his new position, slightly more slanted stating he would send them his pictures and that I could get out. They informed me I didnt need the bread as I dont often go out and that I could now get out! I told them I still couldnt and that it was too late now a full hour after first reporting him to get my bread anyway. Not only that the son told the police he no longer lived there - so apparently it counted because that meant he was leaving? Strange as hes at home 5 days out of 7 most weeks and sometimes longer?

Their youngest son is hoping to join the police force. Im wondering if that had something to do with tonight, or am I being cynical? Not only that, the highways told me always to ring the police should I be obstructed. Now the police are telling me its a civil matter and they will not come out - goodnight! They did say it was a planning issue and that the council should police the situation not them absolving the police of any action to remedy the situation. Where does that leave me, up the sh.t creek.

Im so bloomin frustrated and know that these neighbours will now take advantage of the fact I got nowhere, was trapped into my driveway and they have the law on their side as the police dont intend taking up any of my complaints.

Where now. Anyone living in Leeds and in need of a parking spot. Apparently anyone can park anywhere, and if stuck tough?



What an a*he! If it were me I’d rally a couple of willing people I knew with cars and park either side of him so close that he couldn’t move until one of them did!!. Have a bit of his own treatment. Not right, I know, but the satisfaction would be great.

Hope he’s gone soon and you can get your bread tomorrow.

June xx

Oh Bren, I am so sorry that they are causing you so much stress as that must surely be affecting your health.

The only thing that I can suggest is to call the council or whoever is responsible for your ‘access at all times’ and ask what you can do about it.

I know that it is very difficult situation to be in as the last thing you want to do is excerbate the situation with your neighbours but they have to understand that you need that access or the markings wouldn’t be there. I have a drive and would be pretty p’d off if I couldn’t go out when I needed to because I was being blocked in!

Hope it gets sorted soon hun,

Mags xx

Dear Bren,this is a bad situation.The police will have excuses about their lack of attendance,but you might get an Armed Response Team today.You’ve got evidence of what they are doing and Natural Justice will prevail. As for the son joining the police,it would be easy for you to get his name plastered in the Public Forum.Shame I don’t still have my old Volvo.

Keep us informed,

Steve x

Hi Bren Your day started so nicely for you yesterday. I’m sorry these horrible neighbours made it end in such an awful way. You ought to be able to rely on the police but here that is obviously not the case. I think Merseyside would agree with you! Hope the neighbours don’t cause anymore trouble in the near future. Teresa xx

Thank you all for your comments. Im still fuming, but what can I do. Ive taken it up with highways before and they gave me the white H bar to try remedy the situation, but as you know bad neighbours never change their spots. Its now become a game of them doing what they always do and me having to put up with it, because nobody will take action. I suppose inaction is easier than getting off their butts and doing something. I just wish I could turn back the clock when people were believed, something done about it, and long term solution found. Seems nowadays nothing of that sort exists.

I feel downbeaten by my neuro, now the police, I despair. Doesnt anyone know the meaning of care, compassion and understanding (apart from my lovely friends on here that is).

Apparently after he moved his car inches (3 times last night) he sent off his own pics saying I had loads of room to get out. Of course it took an hour, by which time I could finally get out, but it was far too late. This family have asked my son where he was going once ‘at this time of night’ - god hes 30 years old. Then the police seem to copy his language by saying: you dont often go out at night, do you really need the bread? What rights do others have on what I do, when I do it? Seems Ive no option but to bide my time until fate takes its place, probably put me six foot under before the situation remedies.

Thanks for your understanding. Yes yesterday seemed like a lovely day, perhaps the man above thought I was far too big for my boots?

take care all,



Hi Pat,

The son who is joining the police force wasnt the main offender so I couldnt speak badly of him, in fact he seems the only nice one of the bunch. He keeps himself pretty much to himself. Its his older brother who is spit of his dad, in mannerisms, attitude and arrogance. Even the mother who some used to like panders to him and his attitude.

I find it strange that a simple can you please move your car can cause so much upset. I had to ring the police because theyve made it clear from the beginning I was going to have to put up with it. But why should I, even the police suggested it was a planning issue (because Im in the corner of a tight cul de sac). Strange how everyone else finds somewhere else to park so as to not block anyone in. Trust me to live next door to the wonderful lot eh.

I cannot change their behaviour, so Ill have to bite the bullet and put up and shut up. Im angry still, not a good time to write, but one day I shall, my memory of bad events is good. When they reiterated the man’s opinions next door I knew straight away they were taking his side, so a no win situation. Ive gone from understanding from the police two years ago to this, going in circles, them telling me to get in touch with the planners, highways etc. I got no joy from them other than ring the police if you have problems. Seems theyre all passing the book. Dont wonder there are lots of very unhappy people out there, being ignored.

Thanks for your concern Pat, you are so right, I should write, I shall, but not whilst Im feeling like this. I need a house in the middle of a field with ample parking all of my own. Bet you if I ever get that someone will set up camp and Ill be surrounded!



Hi bren, just wondering…can you leave your car at the top of your drive, in a way to stop them blocking your exit?

On sundays, we are plagued by football players/parents/fans, who use the field opposite our house (do you remember it?) we are often blocked in. But as it usually only lasts 2ish hours, it isn`t a problem like the one you have.

But if we are going out, G opens the gates and puts the van on the pavement/road.

just a thought…

luv Pollx