Waiting For The Police to Call.

I went out up the school today and was forced down a very steep drive way due to a 10 yearolds actions.I nearly tipped my chair.

Then further down the road the same boy chucked things at me .

Then on the way to the shop I passed a spot 2 minutes later a speeding driver crashed his car into a heavy brick wall demolished the wall and flipping the car on its roof.He got out unharmed however if he had a passenger they would of died the paddanger side was so crushed there head would of been crushed.

Its been an upsetting day and I have been very good to this 10 yearold boy and he then assaults me…I am in tears I am so upset I love kids.


So sorry you had to endure all this Charlie, I love kids too and am glad to say that most kids have been nothing but kindness when I’m out on my buggy. There is always the exception though and it sounds like you came across an ignorant brat today. Also having to watch the accident would have been very upsetting and something you really don’t need.

I do hope you have better days out in your chair and much happier times. I’d put the day to rest and start again tomorrow.

Take care


If I had not stopped Pam and talked to her it could of been here hit by the car I also stopped a group of children or it could of been them,my stupid chatty nature saved lives today of that I am sure.

Its frightening.My god I am shocked with the days events.My mouth and willingness to chat to ppl stopped a real trdgedy today of that I am sure.

Good God Charlie, what a day!! Not surprised you’re a bit thrown by everything.

Tomorrow will be better

Luisa x

My god its been a terrifying day…

But it could of been worse…

OMG, that cheeky boy who should know better. Can he be reported to the school? He needs a good talking to and you need an apology, your first day out on your new wheelchair too.

What a thing to witness, idiot driver who could have killed you and other children! Dreadful.

Do let us know what happens when the police arrive. Please do pursue an apology from that kiddie too, they need to learn lessons be it the hard way.

Hope you are ok Charlie. (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))



Still waiting for the police.I am toatly shocked…I want to cry and be sick…

OMG! What awful things to happen to you. Hugs, hugs and more hugs

Ive even got bruises from him dark purple ones…

I am rining the police again tomorrow they aint turned up.