Beaten up

Wrote a post about not being allowed to look after my grandchildren.

but on 29/8/17 totally out of the blue my daughter who has being seeing a new boyfriend suddenly and totally unprovoked and while I was driving punched me in the face twice.

i somehow managed to stop the car but she continued to punch my face and head, her boyfriend who is a narsasist started pulling her out of the car, but she had a hold of my hair with one hand punching me with the other, she tore my earrings out my ear and when he finally pulled her off my not because she let go but she tore the hair from my head , before I could gather myself enough to drive she smashed the back window of my motability car.

some how I managed to get myself to local police station but ambulance was called and by luck I had a dash cam that did not catch footage but caught whole sound of the attack.Police had enough to arrest charge and keep her until she went in front of judge the next morning. Paramedics told me my head would not have been able to withstand much more of the violent punches she had given me

I have a totally bruised face with the right side of my scalp bald. She told my sister I started this but I made my sister to listen to the full attack on me where not once did I say anything to start her off. She’s 30 yrs old and I cannot and do not want her in my life ever again.

She was arrested , charged pled guilty and released on bail, To her home which is next door to me. She has given up the house but has 28 days to be out. I cry everyday as I cannot get this out my head, my heads sore but a burning sore where she tore my hair out, and every single noise scares me to death. i do not know how to get over this as she is my daughter and I loved her so very much but we saw one another every day in life. But she is now saying I will never see my grandchildren again and this hurts me more.

While I can appreciate your sadness, fear and isolation, reading this very small fragment of your life, and having looked back at your older posts, I can now understand why you’re not allowed to mind your grandchildren, by social workers. It doesn’t seem like they would be in a safe environment. Is your daughter still living next door? Are the children safe with her?! Their safety at happiness is paramount.

You said previously your daughter had mental health issues and has attacked you before. Has she been sectioned or receiving treatment? It sounds like you’ve all reached meltdown point. I have no idea what to suggest to you in this dreadful situation. I just hope you can get/accept the help that is desperately required from the professionals.

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Oh hun! This is so shocking and I feel very sorry for you.

Whatever caused your daughter to do this to you and also to risk all of your safety, since you were driving, makes it all the more worrying.

I dont know what to offer as advice, but you need more than friendly advice. You need action from those in authority.


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I am so sorry for what you are going through. xx

She’s never been sectioned but she needs to be, I was her mum but when she was small we moved in with my mum, so they all took to bringing her up and if I said no she was taught her aunt would get her it, but as long as karen kept out of our lives me had not a bad life, but she suffers borderline personality disorder,depression, slight bi polar, ptsd, but when they move away they will not kidsback automatically , it took 10 yrs to get her meds right,but does not take any smoking dope makes her feel better, this guy she’s with , she does not getting going to the loo without him and I’d he goes out he locks her in.iwill still be fighting to see my grandchildren I was always there for them and if they stayed over the begged to to be sent back. They have had different guys in and out all their lives, but no matter what I was there for her my sister can fall out with me all she wants but every week I will write to my darling children, it’s breaking my heart she’s denying me access to see them but that’s to hurt me no bothered about my babies , but never again will I give my daughter the chance to beat me, just hope she can always be proud of herself, I am trying to find someone to help me write a book about my 50 yrs on this earth. Was kinda fun times until I married when I was 18 , had a child worst desision I ever made, from the day she was born she was not the beautiful wee thing lying asleep, she cried constantly even out in pram, she destroyed everything, she hit me which my sister found funny thenbut as she grew karen got married had a child nicola had 3 children that now at 11 , 8, 5 she would rather drink smoke dope do no house work cut me out of her life,but because of my daughter I have no friends, . But I hope karen is ready for getting what I got. I survived don’t know how but do know I would not be as unwell if I did not gate the stress I got, I have a mobility scooter that needs new batteries and needs 2’ at 80 quid each cannot afford them , so would be as well dumping it.

I often think of writing a book is the only way of getting it out my system and help me move on.

i have lost my dad to cancer, mum to dementia, my 3 gorgeous grandchildren to the care system, my daughter just to mental illness and a guy who is a narcissist, my brother disowned me but will never tell my why. My working life to mother in law few weeks ago to dementia

yet through all I have put my husband through he’s my rock, 18 yrs he’s been there for me, without him I would have nothing, oh yes we would have our son who is growing up into a mature beautiful young man, he had his problems at school with his behaviour but never at home this was and still is his way of getting what his nearly 16 years have been filled with, but I am so so proud of him. He always thinks of me before anything and so do his friends.

My grandchildren 11 , 8 , 5 yrs old I have not seen in approx 10 weeks and I will fight to get to see them , I saw each one being born, and was in their lives every single day, but social work say I cannot get to help with my sister bring them up because I have multiple sclerosis, this is not good enough they are discriminating my ability to be a mother/ grandmother because of my illness, and I cannot find anywhere willing to listen to me.

i love you my darling granchildren always have, always will but how will I ever get them to forgive me, my hearts breaking as I am being denied ever visits to them.

Hi, your story is a particularly sad one and I hope you can find a way to see your grandchildren.

We`ve all lost family, in the way the the whole world has. But to lose a child or grandchild must be the worst.


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